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This 93-Year-Old Homesteader Is Living the Life [VIDEO]

Jack English is the toughest homesteader we know of.

He is 93 years young and lives five miles from the nearest road.

English's homestead is his earthly slice of heaven.

Jack English is like no other homesteader you have ever met. He is already 93 and still going strong.

36 years ago, English learned of an old homestead for sale in the wilderness where he used to hunt and fish as a boy and bought it. After his wife died of cancer, he moved there. He built a cabin and milled it from the surrounding trees by hand. This homesteader left society and is living the dream in his retreat up in the Ventana Wilderness.

Hats off to you, Jack English. Many of us would follow you into the wilderness for our own homesteads off the grid. May your days be long and full of sunshine, friend.



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This 93-Year-Old Homesteader Is Living the Life [VIDEO]