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British Pilot Killed in Tanzania During Anti-Poaching Mission

Daily Star via Tropic Air Kenya

British pilot Roger Gower was helping Tanzanian authorities in an anti-poaching mission when his aircraft was downed by fire, taking his life. 

The chopper pilot working with Tanzanian wildlife authorities lost his life on Friday when his aircraft was shot down by the same poachers he was trying to stop in the Maswa Game Reserve.

Gower was working with Tanzanian wildlife authorities through the Friedkin Conservation Fund, a Texas-based nonprofit corporation that also acts as a charitable Trust in Tanzania.

On Friday, he headed to the remote Maswa game reserve to take part in an anti-poaching mission to "track down and arrest active elephant poachers." However, "in the curse of this action, the poachers fired upon the helicopter and Roger was fatally wounded." He safely landed his helicopter, but unfortunately did not survive the bullet wound he sustained mid-flight.

ITV via FB/Wildlife At Risk
ITV via FB/Wildlife At Risk

Located in the northern part of the country near the Serengeti National Park, the site of Gower's tragic chopper crash has circulated news outlets in an effort to bring to light the criminals who committed such an atrocious act.

A former accountant, Gower, gained his pilot's license in 2004. His African journey began in 2008 when he flew for safari companies and began to fly for the "British army training team in Kenya where he helped to clear live-firing ranges of large wildlife before exercises."

Captain Roger Gower is another unfortunate and tragic victim in the current fight against poachers in African nations, and our thoughts are with those who had the honor of knowing him.

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British Pilot Killed in Tanzania During Anti-Poaching Mission