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915,000 Trout to Be Stocked in Washington Lakes

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife will stock at least 35 Washington lakes.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife will be busy this fall.

They spend time stocking 915,000 trout of a 13 to 15 inches around the state. On top of this, the fry that have been stocked earlier in the spring have reached a good size by now, leading to great fishing.

KBKW shared the thoughts of Larry Philips of the Department of Fish and Wildlife: “Fishing at lakes throughout the state should be phenomenal over the next few months”, says Phillips. According to Phillips the stocking is a response to anglers. These anglers have requested increased opportunities for Trout during the fall and winter.

A complete list of the lakes that are being stocked can be found here.

Starting in October, Jefferson, Kitsap, Mason, and Pierce counties will be stocked. Most of these stockings will be for trout 1-pound and up. Fish stocking will continue through November and started way back in May.

Included in this effort is additional stocking for the Black Friday opener on November 25, with officials stocking up lakes to increase the chances of anglers for this “day after” holiday.

Personally, I think a Black Friday opener sounds great. I’d much rather stay away from the packed malls and crowds and instead hit the water.

Up to date  stocking information can be found on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Facebook page.

The department’s website also contains a weekly trout stocking report that can be found here. With all this information available why wouldn’t you take a shot.


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915,000 Trout to Be Stocked in Washington Lakes