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When Dad Jokes Become Poems: Fatherly Humor Strikes Again

If we’ve learned two things from our fathers, it’s how to survive in the outdoors, and how to handle truly terrible dad jokes. 

In this fantastic YouTube video, comedian Mark Vigeant delves deep into dad humor and comes out with a couple brilliant poetry masterpieces, including the title poem, “Leaves of Grass I Trimmed With My Mower.”

This is good, clean family fun from Stratford, Connecticut with hands full of barbecued meat.

The dad joke is a very real epidemic that has existed probably since the Puritans arrived on Plymouth Rock, which is why it’s fitting that these jokes finally get their due in the light of the Internet day.

As the description of the video says, “We’ve been writin’ so much that, heck, we thought it might be a grand idea to publish these darn things in a book!” Well, thank goodness they decided to let these beauties out for all of us to enjoy.

Do you have any excellent dad jokes? Are you a dad yourself, and feel as though you could write your own book o’ dad poems? Please, share these gems with us.

PS. Happy birthday, Dad! While you’ve gotten older, your jokes haven’t aged a bit!

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When Dad Jokes Become Poems: Fatherly Humor Strikes Again