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Massachusetts Anglers Catch Massive 900-Pound Bluefin Tuna [VIDEO]

Check out this gigantic 900-pound bluefin caught in Massachusetts.

Talk about a whopper. Typhoon Sport Fishing from Green Harbor, Massachusetts pulled this massive bluefin out of the sea. I know who I’m booking through for my next sport fishing trip.

Watch the video by The Bee Reel, in which the the massive tuna, caught by “Buz” Buzby (which is just an awesome name for someone who spends their lives catching massive fish), is so big it can’t even be pulled into the boat.

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Seriously, Yowza. Good work, Typhoon Charters.

Normally bluefins only weigh around 550 pounds. This one was just over 105 feet long, and tipped the scales at a whopping 900 pounds, almost doubling the average. That means it’s worth, well, a lot of money.

And just like the last time a massive tuna was pulled from the sea, our only concern is that pulling this fish this big out of the water may risk angering Cthulu, but other than that, all we can say is a hearty congratulations to the fisherman involved.

Word’s still out where Buz’ll be hosting the feast, but if we hear anything, we’ll keep you posted.

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Massachusetts Anglers Catch Massive 900-Pound Bluefin Tuna [VIDEO]