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90-Pound Blue Catfish Caught in Tennessee Almost Breaks Record

The Tennessean

This near-record blue catfish lives to swim another day.

The Cumberland River in Tennessee has produced a near-record blue catfish of proportions that few have ever seen. Tyler Schmid and Dave Plowman were fishing on the river in Stewart County when the big fish hit.

“We were probably within 30 minutes giving up and all of a sudden that rod point just went straight down,” Schmid said in an interview.

“And the fight was on.”

The Tennessean

A 10-minute battle on 50-pound line ensued, eventually bringing this massive blue to the boat. Measuring out to 51 inches with a 37-inch girth, it was by far the largest catfish that Schmid had ever caught. With those fairly epic digits, assuming it would reach 90 pounds was an easy guess.

Considering the size, it turned out to be fairly close to the 112-pound record blue catfish caught from the same river back in 1998.

“That area of the Cumberland produces big fish and you really want good current and southern winds, which we had that day,” Schmid said.

“As a kid I was always fascinated by big fish like that, but I never could catch anything like that. So for me to catch one like that now and those two last year, it’s a pretty neat thing.”

Being the fisherman he is, Schmid released this monster as soon as a few pictures were taken.


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90-Pound Blue Catfish Caught in Tennessee Almost Breaks Record