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90 Doves in 3 Hours to Get You Pumped for Dove Season

Dust off the decoys and grab the guns, it’s almost dove season! 90 doves down in three hours to get you ready for opening day.

September is almost here and that means so is dove season across most of the country. We are sure you are as eager as we are to pull that trigger and watch them fall.

What better way to build the anticipation than to watch six guys take down 90 doves in a short video? Yea, we couldn’t think of it either.

The fluttering and whistling of dove wings dropping into your motion decoys and zoning that bead ahead of the dove is a feeling we long for as soon as season ends.

Guns blazing, buddies hollering, and dogs chasing down the kill make this a true testament to what a good dove hunt has been for me.

Nothing beats heading out with your friends and having a successful dove hunt to jump start the hunting seasons – not to mention grilling up some bacon wrapped dove after the hunt. From field to plate, it is one of the best parts of the sport.

Will you find yourself in a dove field come opening day?


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90 Doves in 3 Hours to Get You Pumped for Dove Season