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This 9-Year-Old Reloads Faster Than You Can [VIDEO]


You won't believe how fast this 9-year-old kid can reload his pistol.

Reloading speed is an essential part of shooting competition success. Truly elite speed can take years and years to develop. However, the 9-year-old kid in this video seems to have already found that speed.

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This reload is incredibly fast for such a young kid. Fair may find yourself reevaluating your shooting skills after watching this one.


While we can't really tell how accurately he is shooting, you'd have to guess that if he is this fast at reloading, that he is also quite the shot. Whether he came out on top in the competition in the or not, this 9-year-old reloads like no one else his age.

The kid in this video looks to have a great future in competitive shooting ahead of him. If his skills are already this developed at nine years old, just imagine how good he will be if he keeps practicing. Judging by the size of the shadow next to him, he is already competing against much older shooters.

We might just be seeing a preview of the next great American Olympic shooting champion.

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This 9-Year-Old Reloads Faster Than You Can [VIDEO]