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This 9-Year-Old Is Ready to Shoot the 7mm Mag, But Is His Dad?

Here’s a young man taking a shooting lesson with the 7mm mag and he’s not in the least bit afraid, but his dad may have jumped out of his britches.

This future hunter has got the same big urge to shoot dad’s gun that we all had.

Show them what it does in your hands before you put it into theirs, but when they have this much fire in their belly to learn firearms use, it’s time to get them out on the range and let them shoot.

Just make sure you’ve got all the bases covered, and your ears.

Eventually you have to let go and let them shoot. By then you’ve gone over all the basics and fundamentals of firearm safety with them, right?

Well maybe a proper hearing protection would be a good start on those young ears. How about a decent firing table or safety glasses?

The 7mm mag isn’t the most powerful beast out there, but it’s no joke either. Every parent teaches their own young shooter in their own way, and that’s the way it should be.

The issue here is this: there are universal gun safety practices that should be observed by all, no exceptions.


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This 9-Year-Old Is Ready to Shoot the 7mm Mag, But Is His Dad?