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9-Year-Old Catches 8-Foot White Sturgeon in Idaho

white sturgeon
Miami Herald

This kid could fit inside the white sturgeon he caught! 

In pretty great outdoors news from Idaho, Sawyer Kolowith, a nine-year-old-boy, has caught a white sturgeon to be proud of. After an hour-long battle, he was able to land the 220 pound fish and pose for a picture. Remarkably, his goal for the entire trip was to catch a fish bigger than 30 inches. It looks like he accomplished that feat easily!

“Sawyer was telling me in the morning he wanted to catch one 30 inches because the biggest fish he ever caught was just under 30 inches,” said Sawyer’s father Mark Kolowith in an interview.

“We set the bar pretty high. I don’t know that we’ll ever catch anything like that again.”

Sawyer’s older brother caught also caught a large white sturgeon on the Snake River that day. However, since his only measured out to about five feet, Sawyer’s fish stole the day.

“Our eyes were just like saucers,” said the father. “I couldn’t believe that a fish that size was even possible. I’ve been working on the Snake River for about 10 years for my job at Idaho Power and I’ve never seen one like that. And you can see in the picture how beautiful that fish is. Seeing one of those guys jump is pretty amazing.”


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9-Year-Old Catches 8-Foot White Sturgeon in Idaho