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9-Year-Old Boy Catches New World Record Grouper


Knowing a kid caught this world record grouper only makes it that much better. 

Nine-year-old Teddy Wingfield, from Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, was fishing with his family off of North Carolina when he set hooks into a pending world record grouper. This grouper, known as a scamp, doesn’t get as big as some of its cousins. However, it’s a record fish none-the-less.

After the big fish was weighed on certified scales, it was registered as weighing in at 32 pounds. This weight not only beat the North Carolina record by five pounds, and also the world record by two pounds. With a total length of 43 inches and girth of 28 inches, there’s little doubt that this was a very big scamp.

Scamp grouper are normally only found in the Eastern Gulf as well as around North Carolina. For this boy to have caught such a fish, things really had to have lined up. Luckily, they did!

It was also reported that Wingfield was using a jig on the bottom with 60 pound line while fishing. He was on a guided trip with Sunrise Charters out of Emerald Isle, NC.

Awesome fish young man! This is something you and your dad are going to be proud of for a very long time to come!



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9-Year-Old Boy Catches New World Record Grouper