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9 Valentine Cards for Your Significant Hunter [PICS]

Here are the nine best hunting Valentine’s Day cards for the outdoor-minded.

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Cashmere and Camo

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, here are nine awesome card ideas with even better messages.

With this compilation of cards, there’s no excuse to pick up a traditional one last minute for your favorite hunting male or female.

If your significant other is a significant outdoorsman or woman, view these nine cards to make your message memorable and hit the bottom of their heart.

Legendary Whitetails 

Is there a better way to say ‘I care about you’ than this!?

Terra Williams Photography

A clean simple message that will strike a chord to deer hunting enthusiast.

Legendary Whitetails 

This is taking it up a notch from keeping an eye on you. In other words, you’re ready to pounce.

Legendary Whitetails 

This trophy mule deer depicts it best.


What a kind way to say that you’ve found a keeper.


For the old school duck hunter. Look at that score, Cupid must have hit a bullseye.

Legendary Whitetails 

For all the archery addicts out there, this one’s just for you.


An antique card, but with a timeless tagline.

Windsor Place Antiques

A little target practice on Valentine’s Day? This might be the piece just for you.

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9 Valentine Cards for Your Significant Hunter [PICS]