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9 Badass Custom Toyota Trucks for Hunting and Fishing

Here are nine custom Toyota trucks we wish we owned.

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Toyota trucks are inherently rugged vehicles, but these nine custom trucks take that ruggedness to the next level.

Built with the outdoorsman in mind, these nine vehicles are loaded with features for hunting and fishing adventures. Their creators have thought of everything that you may come across on your outdoor adventures. Whether you fish, hunt, or just like to get outdoors, these custom Toyota Trucks have something for everyone.


Which truck do you want the most? Share in the comments section below. 


Toyota Tundra Devolro

Photo by Bless this Stuff

Devoloro's Diablo Tundra is a heavy-duty, off-road monster. With an available 520 HP V8 engine, iron clad exterior, and extended range fuel, this truck can handle whatever stands in its way.

2010 Toyota Tacoma Polar Expedition

Via Bless This Stuff

This custom Tacoma was built to handle the most grueling place on Earth: the South Pole. In fact, the truck holds two world records for the fastest runs to the South Pole. Good luck getting your hands on it, though. The truck reportedly sold on Ebay for $400,000.

Toyota Tundra by Let's Go Moto

Photo by Auto Guide

If you love to get out and ride dirt bikes, then this truck is for you. The Toyota Tundra by Let's Go Moto has bike mounts, helmets racks and a TV to watch some of your favorite motocross videos when you need to take a break.

Toyota Tacoma All-Terrain Gamer

Photo by Aussie Motoring

The Toyota ATG is equipped with four XBOX consoles, multiple flat-screens, and side-by-side bucket seats for competitive gameplay. You'll be mashing buttons for hours in this thing. Just don't forget why you bought it in the first place: to get outside.

Toyota Ultimate Fishing Tundra

Via Auto Blog

Bassmaster Elite Series pro angler Britt Myers designed this custom Tacoma. The truck bed has a huge sliding tackle storage system equipped with a refrigerator. Inside you'll find bucket seats, high-quality speakers and TV monitors.

Toyota Tundra Sportsman Bassmaster Series


The Toyota Tundra Sportsman Bassmaster Series is a mobile fishing/hunting platform. It even has a spot for a hunting blind. I am not sure what your local fish and wildlife department would think of this.

Toyota Tacoma by CampaUSA

Photo by RockCrawler

The Toyota Tacoma by CampaUSA has a pop-up tent and lots of storage space for camping gear. If you owned this truck,  what excuse would you have to not get outside for an adventure?


Via Bless This Stuff

The Toyota FJ by XPLORE is designed for those who love to roam. This truck is available with four different equipment packages and each vehicle comes with an annual National Parks pass. The XPLORE FJ is available at select Toyota dealers across the country.


Via Bless This Stuff

Like the XPLORE FJ, the XPLORE Tacoma is available with multiple gear packages. Features include rock rails, IPF fog lights, Bilstein shocks, upgraded suspension and more. This truck also comes with an annual National Parks pass.

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9 Badass Custom Toyota Trucks for Hunting and Fishing