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9 Tom Turkeys Enter, Only 8 Leave

This big bunch of tom turkeys comes in looking for a fight, but they have no idea what they are getting into.

While bowhunting tom turkeys in Ontario, this hunter is treated to a whole flock of gobblers coming in to his decoy spread.

After giving his jake decoy a good flogging, one of the toms hops up on the breeding position hen to get down to business, but is stopped in his tracks by one shot from this hunter's Magnus Bullhead.

Watch the video to see if you've ever seen this many tom turkeys running together during the spring season.

This hunter's setup illustrates a number of points that should be remembered in your own pursuit of tom turkeys.

First, knowing that the area held birds, he had the patience to stick around even when he didn't hear any roost gobbling. Second, his decoys are realistic and placed properly in close proximity to his blind. Finally, he's selected a broadhead intended for head and neck shots and has waited for the perfect angle before releasing his deadly arrow.

Don't expect to have nine tom turkeys come into your setup on every hunt, but following this hunter's guide will help you be successful this spring.


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9 Tom Turkeys Enter, Only 8 Leave