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9 All-Time Most Brutal Wildlife Battles [VIDEO]

brutal wildlife battle feature
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These brutal wildlife battles show the unflinching ferocity of Mother Nature.

It’s sometimes tough to know which animal to cheer for when brutal wildlife battles like these occur. Regardless of the champion, it’s amazing and humbling to witness the raw power, agility, and survival instincts of creatures around the world.

Check out these nine brutal wildlife battles below.

1. Gray Wolves vs. Grizzly Bear

Wolves and bears are eternal rivals across the northern hemisphere. This video ultimately ends up in a draw, as each side recognizes their limitations.

2. White Tiger vs. Lions

When these captive felines temporarily lose their temper, it’s quite a show.

3. Elephant Seal vs. Elephant Seal

Elephant seals are the heavyweight champions of the land and sea. They can be up to 20 feet long, outweighing even walruses, and their battles are truly terrifying encounters.

4. Cottonmouth vs. Rattlesnake

What happens when two venomous snakes come together? An amazing and brutal wildlife battle video that blows your mind.

5. Wild Dog vs. Hyena

The two dominant canines of the African continent are bitter rivals, as this video shows. One on one, a hyena’s strong jaws and superior size would best the wild dogs, but the dogs have the upper hand when in their pack.

6. Sea Lion vs. Octopus

This brutal wildlife battle would go unseen if not for the camera mounted to the sea lion’s back. The octopus puts up a surprisingly good fight against the much larger and better-equipped sea lion.

7. Leopards vs. Warthogs

This video is a compilation of a couple leopard/warthog encounters. Sometimes the predator wins, sometimes the prey wins. But it’s amazing to see these pigs throw a predator into the air!

8. Chimpanzee vs. Monkey

If there’s any truth to Planet of the Apes, it’s this video. It’s terrifying to watch our distant cousins organize a hunting trip and meticulously pick off their prey in such an intelligent manner.

9. Lion vs. Hyena

Eternal enemies of the African plains, many groups of lions and hyenas have learned to hate one another very effectively. This male lion is dubbed the “hyena killer” for a reason.


Hope you enjoyed these brutal wildlife encounters. Be wary when it comes to Mother Nature.

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9 All-Time Most Brutal Wildlife Battles [VIDEO]