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9 Must-Have Beers for Outdoor Adventures [PICS]

Here are 9 must-have beer selections for your next trip outdoors. No matter if you on a lake or in the woods, you will want these in your cooler.

Outdoorsmen benefit from the many adventures Mother Nature has to offer. And while all bring joy in one way or the other, it is the camaraderie among the likeminded that truly sets things apart. Many times that bond is forged and shared over a mixture of barley and hops. It is with that in mind I offer up nine beers you need to work into the cooler rotation as you plan you next outdoor excursion.

1. Leinenkugel's Original -

This crisp and refreshing beer pairs great with camp favorites, burger, brats and a variety of cheeses. Whether you are fishing or on a camping trip, this Wisconsin staple should find its way into your cooler.

2 . Yuengling Traditional Lager -

At any given time you can find America's Oldest Lager in my cooler. It is my go-to beer. This goes great with a bacon cheeseburger, venison jerky or anything in between. I consider this as a beer with more flavor than you will find in many American beers.

Sweet Water Blue


3. Guinness -

We've all said it; "Tonight I'll just drink my meal." The heaviness of this brew allows you to do just that. It has the viscosity of 10W40 motor oil... no not really, but it sure seems like it. So if you're only going to have a beer or two this is an excellent addition to your camp rotation.

4. Bud Light / Budweiser -

Because sometimes you just want to enjoy an American classic after a long day of planting food plots. You can practically close your eyes and see the commercial... sitting on the tailgate, sweat on your brow, Budweiser in hand, American flag in the background.

5. Sweet Water Blue -

I know what you are thinking, "fruity beer at deer camp?" Do not judge this southern favorite before you try it. Finding this one may be a challenge for those outside of the Southeast, but you owe it to yourself to pick this up the next time you are in Georgia.

6. Pabst Blue Ribbon -

This is the beer for those nights you just need to sit around the fire and tell lies of hunts gone by. PBR is perfect for such an evening.

7. Goose Island Bourbon County Stout -

Packed with flavor, this stout can deliver a punch. It is deal for the evenings you have bacon-wrapped backstrap. Again, this is a heavier beer, but the hint of bourbon burn sets the table for the after dinner drinks you are sure to have.

8. Miller High Life -

The next time you find yourself in a jonboat chasing the largemouth bass you will want to have your old friend Miller High Life along. The easy-drinking nature of this classic just goes well with an afternoon on the lake.

9. Dos Equis -

Fish Tacos! Need I say more? If you have ever found yourself on the coast searching for redfish, then you understand just how awesome a Dos Equis can be with the sand under your feet and a red on the line.

Each man his own list of favorites to add to the cooler when heading outdoors. Add a couple of these trusted favorites to the mix. You will be glad you did.

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9 Must-Have Beers for Outdoor Adventures [PICS]