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9 Jim Shockey Videos Trending on the Web

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The man, the myth, the legend; Jim Shockey needs no introduction among the hunting industry.

These Jim Shockey videos show a sample of the adventures he’s had around the world.

Running both guided hunts and filming his own hunts, he has encountered many animals across many geographies. Check the videos out below.

1. Moose Encounter

This close encounter of the furry kind is a little too close for comfort. The look in the moose’s eyes is a little terrifying at close range.


2. Hippo Hunt

Hunting hippos is no easy or safe task. Even for Jim Shockey, as this video shows.


3. Cheffing it Up

Even in the backcountry Jim Shockey is able to demonstrate his culinary skills, preparing caribou ribs that left me salivating.


4. Moose Hunting

This tense video shows the cat and mouse game that moose hunting can sometimes be.


5. Hog Hunting with .357

Jim Shockey goes hog hunting with a Benjamin Rogue .357 Air Rifle.


6. Black Bear Hunt

Black bears are one of the big game animals that Jim Shockey chases on his guided hunts.


7. New Zealand Tahr Hunt

On this hunt, Jim Shockey chases tahr around the mountains of New Zealand. Pretty impressive animals.


8. Moose Hunt

On this moose hunt, a grizzly bear and moose interaction is caught on camera before the hunters can zero in on a moose.


9. Video Q&A Badass

The first question in this video Q&A with Jim Shockey is, “Were you born a badass, or did you have to work at it?”

His humble answer is great.


Thanks Jim Shockey for being a pioneer, producing such great content, and telling such amazing stories for us hunters around the world.

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9 Jim Shockey Videos Trending on the Web