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9 Innovative Kinds of Ammo Showcased at SHOT Show [VIDEO]

What advances are being made in the world of ammunition?

The 2015 SHOT Show is a great place to get a sneak peek at new gun technology, see what's up and coming in the outdoor world, and even receive training/equipment for law enforcement.

What the SHOT Show also showcases, however, is new developments in the world of ammunition. Here are nine innovative kinds of ammo from the show that we'd love to try.

Barnes RangeAR


Barnes has a long and proud history of "alternative material" projectiles, and their new RangeAR line is no different. This new ammo line uses bullets with a zinc core, which not only makes them light for caliber but also significantly lowers cost. The goal, as stated in the video, was to make it more cost-effective for MSR shooters to send more rounds down range.

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Cutting Edge Bullets

Image via Tactical Life 
Image via Tactical Life 


While Cutting Edge Bullets have been manufacturing premium solid copper and brass projectiles for over 10 years, the bullets they've introducing for 2015 have the potential to cement this companies place in the industry. Their MTH (Match/Tactical/Hunting) is a high BC, hollow point rifle round that promises to not fragment when it hits bone, but "flower petal" when it hits soft tissue.

These bullets can be a bit pricey, however, and to make practice more economical they introduced their MTAC (Match/Tactical), which is a traditional solid point projectile. Available in the same weights/calibers, but at a reduced cost, they make extended practice sessions more economical.

G2 Research- 300 RipOut

Image via Tactical Life  
Image via Tactical Life  


G2 Research out of Winder, Georgia has jumped on the .300BLK bandwagon. Capitalizing on the success of their "Rest In Piece" (R.I.P.) line of handgun ammunition, they've now released a subsonic, suppressor-friendly .300BLK round affectionately called the "300 Rip Out."

The new round fires a 200-grain bullet that's designed to quickly expand at lower velocities, which are advertised at 1,020 fps. The projectiles are designed to expand after 1.5-2 inches of soft tissue penetration, while the base remains attached to the "petals" for a controlled expansion. MSRP for these expensive-to-make rounds is $54.99 for 20.

Liberty Ammunition- 10mm Civil Defense

civil defense
Image via Liberty Ammunition     


Liberty Ammunition's popular Civil Defense line of personal protection ammunition is changing the way that many of us think about handgun ammunition. All Civil Defense ammunition uses nickel plated, solid copper bullets and nickel plated brass cases, but where they differ in is bullet weight. The .45ACP Civil Defense round, for example, uses a 78 grain bullet that screams at 1,900 fps.

For 2015, Liberty Ammunition has added a 10mm round to the line. Using a 60 grain bullet, the 10mm Civil Defense rounds clocks in at a advertised velocity of 2,400 fps.

Remington Gold Saber Black Belt


If you think that the name sounds familiar, that because Remington introduced the Golden Saber Black Belt at the 2013 SHOT Show... and again at the 2014 SHOT Show. Although the rounds never made it to market, the number of offerings have now been slimmed down (five loads over three calibers) and the line appears ready for release.

These new rounds feature Remington's Mechani-Lokt belt, which is designed to hold the bullet's core and jacket together. The theory is that this will help increase stopping power.

Winchester Deer Season XP

Image via Petersens Hunting      
Image via Petersens Hunting      


Winchester's new deer-specific load has been one of the stars of the 2015 SHOT Show. Designed for the express purpose of bringing down big whitetails, the Deer Season XP rounds feature an enormous polymer tip for accelerated expansion... and massive trauma. The rounds are more streamlined for better downrange ballistics, and the alloyed lead core has been optimized for energy transfer.

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Federal 3rd Degree Turkey Loads

Image via The Firearm Blog       
Image via The Firearm Blog       


As many manufacturers have introduced turkey loads that are designed to pattern tight, many hunters have realized what can happen with a tight pattern and a short-range shot: a missed bird. In introducing the new 3rd Degree, Federal is offering a best-of-both-worlds compromise.

The first part of the payload (about 20%) is nickel plated No. 6 shot, followed by copper plated No. 5; the final 40% of the load is tungsten-iron No. 7. Federal's goal was to create a load that patterns tight yet still offers a margin for error on close-range birds; only time in the field will tell if they've succeeded.

Federal B.O.R. Lock

Image via American Hunter   
Image via American Hunter   


This new .50 caliber, 270 grain muzzleloader bullet promises to usher in a new era of blackpowder accuracy and consistency. In the B.O.R. Lock system, a polymer cup is attached to the bullet's base, with only a fiber-reinforced ring contacting the barrel. Upon ignition, the cup slides up and over the base of the bullet, engaging the barrel's rifling and scrubbing residue from the barrel as it exists. The resulting gas seal helps ensure consistent and accurate shots, and the polymer tip ensures good downrange performance.

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Team Never Quit Ammunition

Facebook/Snake River Shooting

Introduced under the name "Team Never Quit," this is a full line of premium tactical ammunition introduced by former Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell. Manufactured by Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting, Luttrell's goal is to develop the absolute best tactical ammunition available, in calibers from 9mm all the way up to .50BMG.

In addition to the guns, gear, and training it offers, the SHOT Show is a great place to check out all the new advances in ammunition. If we get a hold of any, you'll be the first to know.

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9 Innovative Kinds of Ammo Showcased at SHOT Show [VIDEO]