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Hollywood Drives Us Nuts with These 9 Gun Mistakes


Here are 9 obvious gun mistakes in movies and TV shows that make gun owners crazy.

Though we know Hollywood isn’t exactly the strongest supporter of gun rights, they still have a strong presence in action movies and criminal dramas.

However, some of the obvious gun mistakes made in movies are enough to make gun owners cringe.

1. Finger off the trigger, dude!

The first thing that jumps out at me in a movie is that pesky little trigger-happy finger, and it’s enough to drive me crazy without even considering all of the other mistakes I notice.

I guess having the NRA gun-safety rules drilled into my head during the basic pistol training course really got to me.

2. The Never-Ending Magazine

Don’t you just love it when the good guy has an endless supply of bullets? One of the biggest things I noticed in the recent release of “John Wick” was that he was constantly changing out magazines. Yes, his finger never left the trigger the whole time, but at least that isn’t unrealistic.

3. Where are you looking exactly?

Photo via Facebook/RickGrimes(TheWalkingDead)
Facebook/Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)

One of my favorite shows to critique, mainly because I find it comical, is “The Walking Dead.” I have noticed several times that the gun is pointed in a completely different direction than their line of sight. Yet somehow, it always hits the brain-eating zombie coming right towards them and the humans are safe for the day.

4. Bullets make you fly!

This one has got to be my favorite. I always get a good laugh out of the dramatic way that someone flies backwards after getting shot by a rifle or shotgun. The shooting scene in “Running Scared” is a perfect example.

Photo via YouTube/RiKiN

He got some mileage on that one. I wonder if they’re magic bullets.

5. Rattle, rattle; click, click.

Have you ever noticed all of the rattling noises a gun makes in movies? Picking up and setting down a gun is not that noisy. If it is, you might want to go see a gunsmith.

6. Are all guns really that silent?

I’ve used bad ear protection once in my life and I will tell you right now that I would never do that again. In movies, there are shootouts all over the place and then they go right back to talking at normal volume as if nothing happened.

Plus, you have to admire the little “pew pew” noise that comes out of the handguns. I guess you wouldn’t need ear protection to keep you from going deaf if that’s all the noise they actually made.

Also, have you noticed there seems to be silencers in just about every movie?

7. The Gangsta Shot

I’ve never understood why it became popular within the hip hop culture to hold a gun sideways. It is harder to control, harder to aim, and the casing flies back and hits you in the face.

The original purpose of holding a gun sideways was so military and law enforcement officials could see their sights from behind their shield. Last time I checked, gangsters don’t carry around huge shields during a shootout. Then again, I guess I don’t come into contact with many gangsters anyways.

8. Bad Shooting Stance

Photo via Facebook/SigSauer
Facebook/Sig Sauer

Matt Damon in “The Departed” gives an excellent example of poor grip. The tea-cup grip is one I see most often.

In a real-life situation, this would provide no support against the recoil and would cause you to miss your target. In addition, you would have to reset your grip after every shot. Then again, guns in movies don’t have any recoil effect anyways.

The second grip I see is grabbing the wrist, like Stallone in “The Expendables.”

Photo via YouTube/Innitmovie

9. Where are all the normal people?

One of my biggest pet peeves with movies is that they portray all gun owners under three categories: Military and law enforcement, gangsters/criminals, and angry people looking for vengeance.

You never see normal citizens using a gun responsibly. This only feeds the misconception that gun owners are just out to kill when that isn’t the case at all. If that is all they are willing to show their viewers, then uneducated members of the audience are going to believe that we’re all either mentally ill, on drugs, or angry.

Hollywood is certainly not famous for their accurate portrayals, but they have such influence over viewers that there is no wonder the common perception of the gun community is often skewed.

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Hollywood Drives Us Nuts with These 9 Gun Mistakes