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9 Gifts for the Outdoor Enthusiast Who Has Everything

Wingman Outfitters

Shopping for that outdoor enthusiast whose garage is packed wall to wall for every adventure imaginable? Here are a few off-the-wall suggestions for unconventional gifts.

While nothing beats the gift of experiences, heirlooms, and non-material goods, most of us still want to wrap a box in paper, put a bow on it, and shove it under a tree for our friends and loved ones.

Unfortunately, outdoor enthusiasts and gear heads are pretty picky people who take pride in already being prepared. That makes them really difficult people to shop for, so here's a few unconventional gift suggestions that will help you think outside the box when it comes to putting gifts under the tree this holiday season.

Action hat starting at $39.99

actionhatphone2Rex "Tex" Del Rey topped our list of a Dozen Must-See YouTube Channels last year with the footage shot on his own creation he calls the "Action Hat." His first design is created to hold a Go-Pro style camera, but the newest version holds a cell phone camera in place to film all the action from a point-of-view perspective. You've really got to see how this thing is built to understand the beauty in the simplicity of its design. You can also enter promo code "WOS" on the website for a %15 discount for Wide Open Spaces readers.

Holdzit Tool Savers Starting at $7.50


These will protect your pliers and other tools in the elements with a sheath that you can coat in lubricant, so that your tools are always stored out of the way but within reach. These will pay for themselves by extending the life of your tools. A perfect stocking stuffer for the boating angler.

Crosspoint Waterproof Socks: $28

waterproof-socksThis is one of pair of socks any outdoor enthusiast might actually be excited to receive as a gift. They are developed by a company that specializes in rain gear that is based out of Portland, Oregon, and as an Oregon outdoorsman, I can attest to the fact that Northwesterners know a thing or two when it comes to living in the rain, and doing your best to stay dry in the elements.

Wingman Cooler Outrigger for Canoe/Kayak: $375


This product serves multiple purposes, but essentially stores two 48qt Rubbermaid coolers (INCLUDED!) that serve not only the practical uses of coolers, but assist in stabilizing any canoe to convert it into a more versatile watercraft. The Wingman Outrigger is an easy way to upgrade any canoe to a platform raft perfect for fly fishing, and allows you to explore more water that you would normally be hesitant to access in a standard canoe.

Flame Stower Fire-powered USB Charging Device: $37.73


The perfect gift for staying in touch with the outdoor enthusiast that seems to connect with nature, but disconnects with everything else. The Flame Stower charges USB devices using the heat from a small flame from something such as a camp stove or candle. This is a useful tool for thru-hikers and backpackers who aren't plugged in, but still use their devices for GPS.

It's a hammock! It's a raft! It's a Hammocraft! This could be your new favorite lake accessory! The sturdy camp frame comes complete with 4 hammocks and can hold a combined weight of 800 pounds! Additional models are specially designed to fit 2 hammocks on paddleboards or kayaks, making for a luxury floating structure for lakes and lazy rivers.

Concealed Carry Leggings Starting at $59.95


Undertech Undercover's concealed carry clothing line includes a diverse selection of yoga pants, shorts, shirts, jackets, and even mens briefs and vests specifically designed to securely conceal carry a firearm.

Urban Carry Holster starting at $55.95


Let's face it, not all of us are going to be the types to keep our firearms in our activewear, so here's an alternative holster for every-day carry that you can slip on your belt and take with you (almost) anywhere. The efficient design acts like a chain wallet for your gun and allows you to pull a draw tab to expose the grip on your pistol for easy access.

The Bumper Dumper $69.95

This gift makes anybody a happy camper when there's no facilities around. When you're on the go, and you really gotta go, this product is the number one way to go number two. The solid construction mounts into the trailer hitch, and holds a five gallon bucket, complete with toilet paper roll holder. Give them a gag gift that serves a purpose, rather than something crappy they won't ever use.

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9 Gifts for the Outdoor Enthusiast Who Has Everything