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Insanely Huge 9-Foot Record Catfish Caught in Italy [PICS]


You just flat out won’t believe the size of this record catfish. 

We all know wels catfish get stupid huge. However, this particular record catfish just might be the largest ever caught with a rod and reel.


Coming in at 280 pounds, it sure demands some consideration for such an incredible record. Dino Ferrari was fishing the Po Delta of Italy, when the giant catfish took his bait.

He’s no stranger to large catfish, and Ferrari handled the catch like a seasoned veteran.


According to this article, Ferrari said that this massive fish ate a topwater lure followed by a 40-minute battle.


Just imagine catching this monster of a fish, would you let it go like Ferrari did? That’s an incredibly noble thing from a fisherman that cares more about the fish than himself. Congrats Dino, you deserve it.

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Insanely Huge 9-Foot Record Catfish Caught in Italy [PICS]