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9 of the Best Outdoor Products of 2015

Steve Speck

This list of the best outdoor products of 2015 will help you find the perfect gift this holiday season for the outdoorsman in your family.

From affordable stocking stuffers to luxurious outdoor mansions, this guide highlights some of the best outdoor products of 2015.

These innovative creations are the perfect universal gifts that any hunter, angler or outdoor enthusiast will certainly appreciate finding under the tree this holiday season.

Check out our list to find out which of these products will be the perfect fit for the outdoor sportsman in your family.

Reeds Rod Wraps

These handy little items are such a simple but useful product at "Keeping Things Together."

As an angler with several rods that extend further in length than the cab of my vehicle, it keeps my two-piece (or more) rods organized. You slip the loop over the ends of the rod and simply pull one end of the loop. The beads cause tension on the bungee, keeping the pieces of the rod secured.

reeds rod wraps logo

With a little practice, you can do this with all the rigging intact, so you're ready to go when you get back to the water. The cord is not abrasive, and will not damage the finish of your rods or your line.

It only takes a few seconds to secure the pieces of your rods together and is worth the effort not only for their protection, but to keep each piece with the rod it belongs to if you have a lot of them in storage. It's so much easier and more effective than rubber bands or hair ties.

Reeds Spool caddy

The oversized model bundles multiple rods no problem, but also serves a secondary purpose as a spool caddy. These will not only keep your rods together, but it keeps your leader line organized tightly on the spool, with easy access to pull the length you need to cut from the spool. You can easily turn the spool like you would with the spool on a reel, holding the caddy in place, to secure excess line back onto the spool once you have the length that you need.

There's no more using little pieces of tape that don't stick when they get wet, or securing line in a notch on the spool that will inevitably leave nicks on the line that you'll regret once you hook into the big one.

You can find Reeds Rod Wraps at retail locations listed on their website, or order directly from Jim Reed himself on the Reeds Rod Wraps Facebook page.

Oar Buddy

"Never go fishing without your buddy!" This device attaches to the rear of almost any boat and holds your oars out of the water, and out of the boat.

This device provides a safe and efficient way to secure your oars, preventing the paddles from dangling in the water and grabbing anything below, and stores them in a position where they can be easily accessible, but out out of the way when motoring, free-drifting, or netting a fish.

This product is hand-crafted in the USA and built to last a lifetime. The device can either be adhered to the rail of the boat with the strong, adhesive backing, or bolted to the rail using a slider to position your oar buddy in place.

You can purchase the Oar Buddy from the Glass Rivers Fishing Tackle Products website.

Rockaway Fish Hook Removers

Rockaway Fish Hook Removers are a specialized brand of hemostats designed specifically for catch and release anglers, featuring a curved angle to the jaws to prevent further damaging of tissue.

A previous explains the "5 Reasons Every Angler Needs a Hemostat," and that there are some very clear distinctions between using pliers and hemostats.

These products are much sturdier the than stainless steel model hemostats that are commonly used by medical professionals. Not only is the Rockaway design much more beefy in an effort to provide some additional comfort and leverage, but it's also made with a Titanium Nitride coating that adds strength as well an element of protection from corrosion.

Rockaway Fish Hook Removers are also backed by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. You can purchase Rockaway Fish Hook Removers from the Rockaway Fishing Tackle Corporation Website.

Trigger Happy Comfort Grips

Another simple, yet efficient and effective product are the Trigger Happy Comfort Grips, designed to reduce fatigue on anglers at the point where skin between the fingers meets either the trigger on a baitcaster reel, or the post on a spinning reel.


The products make for a more secured connection with a no-slip grip. There are several different designs. One that slips directly onto the trigger of a baitcasting rod. Another similar design incorporates a loop to secure the grip to the rod, which although it creates a different feel for the product, it's design offers a little more peace of mind. The baitcasting models as well as the spinning models come in a couple different grip patterns. One that's smooth and another that is ribbed.

You can purchase Trigger Happy Comfort Grips on their website, or through Tackle Warehouse.

The TruStump Feeder

The TruStump has been in the design, research and development phases for two years to create a natural-look to the gravity fed, high-capacity, durable, and versatile game feeder. The function of the product's simplicity makes it portable and easy to set-up or relocate, unlike similar products that operate from a gangly, raised tripod that has to be assembled from multiple parts, and staked down to prevent it from tipping over.

While it sits on the ground, the adjustable flow-baffles, latching lid and special "critter guards" keep smaller animals from manipulating the device into their own personal all-you-can-eat buffet.


Another feature that sets the TruStump apart from its above-ground counterparts is that it's gravity-operated. The 36-gallon capacity, 15-pound product doesn't require batteries or electronic parts. Because it's low to the ground, you don't need to climb a ladder to refill the feeder. It's durable roto-molded heavy-duty composite material is similar to the strength of kayaks, while maintaining a realistic texture and appeal.

The company deliberated on sourcing the production of the product from overseas suppliers, but instead chose to build the company with a product Made in the USA. The product manufacturer issued a press release on November 10th, 2015 offering TruStump Feeders on a risk-free "pre-order" basis, utilizing Kickstarter and the all-or-nothing crowdfunding model. No pledge dollars will actually be collected unless the goal is reached by the end of the 30-day campaign, which closes at the end of this November.

You can choose from several options to purchase more than one TruStump feeder to save a few extra dollars as well on their website,, which is offering the product at wholesale prices for a limited time during the Kickstarter campaign.

Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak Tent

At 13' x 27', the living space inside the Cabela's Alaknak tent has high ceilings, making it easy to move around in.

The durable product is made with water resistant fabric, comes complete with multi-paneled windows, and even has a stove jack and removable floor panel for the stove. It sleeps 11, and could act as a temporary shelter for a homestead, while the construction of a more permanent structure is built. The removable vestibule can act as an additional foyer to the living space, or separately as a garage for your gear.

At 127 pounds, the Alaknak may not be practical to hike in to remote areas, but it certainly provides luxurious accommodations for any camp. It's available for purchase on the Cabela's website.

MANAC Game and Call Hauler Lanyard


The MANAC name stems from Marine, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. The company started with creating game calls, then developed this product to assist duck hunters in keeping their calls and kills organized while out in the field. The company offers a 10% discount to all active duty, reserve and military veterans. The company is owned, operated and employed by veterans.

Their lanyard features several loops, which can easily be secured around your calls or the necks of your kills as you travel to and from your blind. The product is made from paracord right here in the USA. You can purchase the MANAC Game and Call Hauler Lanyard from their website,

Yeti Coolers

Earlier this year, Ryan Lisson penned an article for Wide Open Spaces explaining that Here's Why A Yeti is the Last Cooler You'll Ever Need.

Lisson also lists the Yeti Tundra 75 at top of his list of The 8 Best Cooler Brands for Storing all that Venison here on Wide Open Spaces. Yeti products are available at most outdoor retail outlets, but you can also view their extensive line of products on their website,

The Yeti website explains that the cooler has been labeled as certified bear resistant by The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, saying that,

"The YETI Tundra coolers withstand smashing, prying, scratching, biting and tossing by hungry bears."

EXO Mountain Gear Backpacks

Wide Open Spaces interviewed the co-founder of EXO and discussed their packs back in the spring. The company made well over 100 advances in their product between 2014 and 2015. Their backpacks are made from durable materials, such as the titanium frame, and with a weight at just under five pounds, comfort and practical function are key factors to the design.

However the true strength of EXO products is in their customer care. The small Boise, Idaho operation designs, researches and develops it's products mainly from customer feedback, creating a product made in the USA. They only sell directly to consumers, backing their products with a Lifetime Warranty. You can purchase their product on their website,

Any other items you think we missed? Let us know what your favorite outdoor products of 2015 were.


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