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9 of the Best Ice Fishing Fails...or Wins? [PICS]

Prairie Outdoors

Though most of these nine pictures are indeed ice fishing fails, some are so bad they are (dare I say) ice fishing wins.

MA Anglers

You've got to hand it to some of these folks for pure creativity and toughness. But there's also something to be said about basic common sense and survival instinct.

It's safe to say that some of these pioneers may be lacking in the latter few categories. Or maybe they're just unlucky. Either way, these ice fishing fails will make you chuckle.

View the slideshow to see some fantastic ice fishing fails. What do you think? Fail or Win?


1. We don't need a Vexilar.

ice fishing fail

MA Anglers

If you're cash-strapped, ask your friend who has good eyesight and a high tolerance for ice cream headaches to come with. You never know. Maybe they can be your fish locator for the day.

2. I think you're doing it wrong.

ice fishing fail

Junkin Video

When power tools prove to be too much to handle, the best idea is simply to lodge it in the ice and take it for a ride. Said nobody ever. But if the fish aren't biting, it's certainly one way to entertain a crowd.

3. Did you bring your paddle?


If you need a canoe to get to your favorite ice fishing hole, you may want to call it a season. The upside? It looks like it's warm and sunny enough for a killer tan. The reality? If your iceberg platform gets any smaller, you might be taking a swim shortly.

4. Did you leave the heater on?

Bangor Daily News

If a freak warm-up event occurs, try to get your fish house off the lake as soon as you can so you don't end up like this.

5. Nice day for a swim?


If you don't have a friend to find your fish like in number one, and still can't afford a fish locator, sometimes a brisk swim is in order. Unless you love the polar plunge challenge or are part fur seal, you may not be wild about this option. I'm certainly not keen about it. But props to this guy for starring in an entertaining video.

6. Who needs a boat?

OMG News

When you've got an iceberg and a team of eager rowers, why even bother with a boat in the early season?

7. A conservation officer's best friend.

Tiny Pic

Though it is definitely ONE way to find fish, it's not the BEST way. Not if you want to keep your license and gear, that is.

8. Put it in reverse.

The Diesel Gypsy

Fortunately, it looks like they were able to get out and even grab some gear. Unfortunately, they decided to tempt fate when the ice was too thin. Though ice is never 100% safe, you need to really pay attention before gambling like this.

9. Yet another...

Daily HaHa

On a platform that small, why even drill a hole? But he's got priorities down with his beverage of choice beside him.

15 Fantastic Fishing Fails

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9 of the Best Ice Fishing Fails...or Wins? [PICS]