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First Fail of 2016: Sad Man Floats Away on Ice Ledge All Alone

This man started off the year underestimating everything he ever knew about ice, resulting in the first fail of 2016. 

In this short clip, we see a man make a fairly detrimental judgment call on floating ice. However, he does look like a majestic emperor penguin in the process, so the situation is fairly fitting.

So, there are obviously a lot of questions here. What are these guys doing? Checking the ice for ice fishing? Being risky daredevils? Why didn’t the guy jump back with his friend? Where did he end up?

This outing clearly did not go as planned for these friends, and this poor guy ended up performing what is probably the first viral fail of 2016. Can anyone help me answer those questions above? I’m just…confused? Are you?

The best part of this video is how his friend just knew immediately to bail, and probably pushed the ice kingdom farther away from shore than expected. But still – does anyone know where this took place?

If anyone knows the current whereabouts of this unfortunate first fail of 2016, please let us know on our social channels. I’m sure his mom needs him home by dinnertime any day now. He’ll need this Peppermint Moonshine recipe below, for certain.

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First Fail of 2016: Sad Man Floats Away on Ice Ledge All Alone