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Think a Land Rover Can Vertically Climb a Dam? Top Gear Does

Can ‘Top Gear’ host Richard Hammond handle the climb up a dam in a Land Rover? 

Richard Hammond always seems to get stuck with the interesting roles in “Top Gear” episodes, like being the poor shmuck camping in the snowy wilderness waiting for Jeremy Clarkson and James May, each driving separate American-made trucks, to pick him up.

This time, however, he might find himself a little over his own head, literally in the 4th episode of Series 22. That’s season for us non-U.K. folks. However, let’s watch as he tries to climb the Claerwen Dam in Wales, measuring about 200 feet high, in a 64-year-old Land Rover, using a new wench and cable set.

It’s pretty spiffed-up vehicle with a double engine situation, so please for the love of all things Land Rover, do not try this at home. They’re trying to copy the famous Land Rover advert that really does feature a Rover shifting its way up a dam. While the dam entrance appeared underwater, Hammond woefully says, “I hate problem-solvers,” and off he goes.

Hammond has to keep the entire trek slow and steady, just to be sure the engines don’t burn out entirely while struggling to get a grip. It may seem like he’s not doing much work, but his little obstacle course of rocks seems to be more than I’d ever like to experience. I would be turning just as green and pale as he does during this casual trip.

The best line of the video is clearly as he’s nearing the top and admits that he’s relying on things made only by other people. In which, we all hold our breath for him as he approaches the top because we know how that goes sometimes. And what goes up, must come down – a lesson Hammond proves to us, once again.

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Think a Land Rover Can Vertically Climb a Dam? Top Gear Does