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84-Year-Old Woman Rescues Neighbor’s Dog From Pack of Coyotes

This fearless 84-year-old woman saved a dog in her backyard from a pack of hungry coyotes.

Dolores “Dolly” Jefferson, of Bensenville, Ill., was sipping her morning coffee when she heard a dog barking in her backyard.

When she went outside, she found her neighbor’s dog “Roxie”, an 11-year-old, 26-pound Egyptian Pharaoh Hound, surrounded by five large coyotes. Roxie had already been bitten by the ‘yotes and was desperately trying to find an escape route.

Jefferson, bold as ever, charged the pack and screamed to scare them off. Luckily, it worked.

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Roxie was later evaluated by a veterinarian and is expected to make a full recovery.

The dog’s owner was chopping wood nearby at the time of the attack and said he didn’t hear or see the confrontation. He said he’s thankful that Jefferson stepped in to help. He also bought her a bullhorn, so that she doesn’t have to pull another Braveheart-style move should the coyotes return.

Story via Yahoo Shine 


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84-Year-Old Woman Rescues Neighbor’s Dog From Pack of Coyotes