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84-Year-Old Bowhunter Still Dropping Deer From Treestand [VIDEO]

Arnold Whitcomb is a hunting legend that still has the fire to hunt.

Arnold Whitcomb is 84 years young and you can still find him at home in his treestand during hunting season. He started hunting as a small boy and he has enjoyed the great outdoors ever since.

Watch Mr. Whitcomb tag a nice doe with his crossbow, a harvest any hunter should be proud of.

Mr. Whitcomb connects with a perfect crossbow shot and a nice doe somersaults, dropping in its tracks. Practice makes perfect, and Mr. Whitcomb has plenty. He can still climb that ladder treestand too; not bad at all, sir.

We would like to applaud Arnold Whitcomb and our other elder hunters that have become living legends in our worlds. Thank you so much for being such great mentors for us all.

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84-Year-Old Bowhunter Still Dropping Deer From Treestand [VIDEO]