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8-Year-Old Shoots His First Buck [VIDEO]

This is pretty cool. At just 8 years old, Logan went out hunting with his dad and scored his first 8-point Pennsylvania Whitetail buck.

In this video, posted by RAK’d UP Technologies, shows the true importance of hunting, especially between a father and son.

Logan’s father says at the end of the video, “That’s what hunting is all about, fellowship and camaraderie.”

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There is certainly a sense of nostalgia and pride in this father’s voice as he sits with Logan and his first buck. Even Logan’s grandfather was out with them that day hunting.

This will be a moment Logan will remember for the rest of his life, thanks to his family for taking him hunting at such a young age.

How old were you when you shot your first buck?

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8-Year-Old Shoots His First Buck [VIDEO]