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8 Turkey Shotgun Shell Options for This Spring [PICS]

Shotgun loads for turkey hunting have come a long way in the past few years. Here are 8 turkey shotshell options you should try for this spring turkey season.

Are you ready for the spring turkey season? Load up with some of these shogun shell options and get the tom of your dreams.

1. Federal’s New Premium 3rd Degree Turkey Shotshell.

Federal’s load offers three different sizes of shot packed into one shell for the best power and consistency on target. 

Midway USA


 2.  Hevi-Shot Hevi-13 Magnum Blend Turkey Loads are buffered, moly coated and pack 20% more power than lead.


3. Winchester’s Long Beard XR Turkey Shotsells are for those long shots with tight patterns and great penetration. 


4. Hornady’s Heavy Magnum Turkey Loads have the thickest nickel plating to avoid pellet deformation for consistency in patterns and range.

Made for extended ranges without special chokes.


5. Remington’s Premier High Velocity Magnum Copper-plated Turkey Loads are loaded for speed and have copper coated pellets. 


6. Hevi-Shot Low Recoil Magnum Blend Turkey Loads have lower recoil and a blended load of three shot sizes for uniform patterns at all ranges. 


7. Winchester’s Double X High Velocity Turkey Loads through a lot of shot in tight patterns at a speed of 1300 feet per second (fps). 


8. Federal’s Premium Mag Shok Heavyweight Lead Free Turkey Loads get the lead out, literally.

Loaded with heavyshot that is 1/3 heavier by weight than lead and loaded in a Flitecontrol® wad, these shotshells allow for greater range.


As with all shotgun shells, buy a sample and pattern them in your own shotgun to see what turkey load works best for you.

Happy hunting!

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8 Turkey Shotgun Shell Options for This Spring [PICS]