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8 Turkey Hunting Blooper GIFs You’ve Got to See

Dakota Country Magazine 

Check out these turkey hunting bloopers, and you may even learn a thing or two between the laughs.

Turkey season is almost here and many hunters are chomping at the bit to in the woods.

Turkeys can be pretty slippery in the field and these bloopers show just that. The clips range from complete misses to birds that just quite didn’t get away.

1. This hunter had the bird right by the tail feathers, but after a few flops and two shots later, off it went.

Mojo Outdoors

2. A little spring tree trimming happened as the turkey got away.


3. The subtitles say it all. The hunter accidentally shot the blind and his arrow didn’t even come close to the turkey.


4. The first shot of the GIF is about as close as it can get and it still goes flying. The second turkey looks invincible as it shakes off the shot.

turkey blooper 2
Mojo Outdoors 

5. Talk about the epitome of a blooper. This three shots later and the bird was still running around.

Mossy Oak

6. This turkey isn’t as lucky as some of the other birds. The hunter misses and then capitalizes on the second chance.

Real Outdoors TV

7. Looks like the hunter crunched the turkey, but the bird simply shakes it off.


8. Scoot & Shoot fail: The one that got away. I’m sure it’s a thrill getting the birds in that close.

Mojo Outdoors

This season, be sure to shoot straight and have fun. If you have a blooper yourself, it’s not the end of the world.

In fact, spending some extra time hunting will only create more memories.

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8 Turkey Hunting Blooper GIFs You’ve Got to See