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8 Things Ohio Sportsmen Know That Others Don’t

Ohio sportsmen and women know their state is unique when it comes to hunting, fishing and the culture within.


Ohio hunters and anglers are onto something. They know about some of the best ways to take advantage of the great Ohio outdoors, using the state’s natural resources, wild game and memorable opportunities to fuel their passion for the meaning of the dirt beneath their feet and the sky above their heads.

What follows are a few hints, not quite secrets, but undeniable truths about the inner workings of an Ohio outdoorsmen.

View the slideshow for the eight things that Ohio sportsmen and women know, that others don’t.

There is no better tasting fish than fresh caught Lake Erie perch or walleye

Photo via wikimedia

It doesn’t matter what all the rage in seafood currently is, freshly fried Lake Erie perch or walleye will always take the cake for Ohioans. Whether it’s from a fish fry at a local pub or fried up around the fire out back, a mess of perch and walleye is sure to make any hungry Ohio angler one happy camper. Throw in a couple cheap beers and you’ve got yourself a party.

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If it’s Sunday, you better not be fishing for whales

That’s right, there is a law in Ohio that absolutely forbids this practice. On any other day of the week, you can fish for whales as much as you’d like. I wish you the best of luck. Just make sure to put those harpoons away when Sunday rolls around. Also, before you go and check, no there is no Sea World in Ohio.

If you don’t like the weather then wait five minutes

Photo via fotopedia

No seriously, just wait for five minutes and the weather might literally change.

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The weather in Ohio is unpredictable at times to say the least. There are some days where it seems like multiple seasons are passing. This can sometimes be both a blessing and a curse, but Ohioans are plenty used to dealing with some pretty rough weather. That only makes them appreciate every beautiful day even more. Come rain or shine, snow or sleet, Ohio sportsmen and women will still be out in the field.

There’s always next year

Photo via flickr

Every Ohioan is familiar with this statement, especially those who live in the northern reaches of the state. Ineptitude from the local sports teams is a common occurrence, yet Ohioans can’t help but to be optimistic and maintain hope for the following season.

This same optimism can be found in Ohio’s outdoorsmen and women as well. Ohioans know that it isn’t always about filling a tag or shooting the biggest buck. It’s about the camaraderie and beauty that the outdoors offer. Anyways, there’s always next year to get that big buck.

A Browns game is an acceptable excuse for missing a day in the treestand

Photo via flickr

The NFL season and deer hunting season occur at the same time of the year. This means that football fan hunters face a difficult decision on Sundays. Head out to the deer stand and risk missing a rare Browns win, or stay at home and risk watching another loss?

Either way, no Ohioan will give you any trouble if you miss a day in the woods to watch the Browns. If you do decide to hunt on game day, your blaze orange doubles as Browns gear, so you can head to your favorite watering hole right from the woods and catch the game. If you can resist staying home with a hot bowl of chili that is…

Ohio is overlooked as a trophy deer state, and Ohioans are just fine with that

Photo via

When people talk about big Midwest whitetails, they usually mention Kansas, Iowa, and Wisconsin and their corn fed bucks. Ohio is rarely mentioned as a whitetail hunting destination. However, true giant bruiser bucks can be found in the Buckeye State. Ohio hunters have no problem with this. The less out of state hunters filling the fields the better.

A locally brewed beer is a great way to finish off a day in the field

Photo via

The craft beer brewing scene in Ohio is vibrant and active. There is no shortage of locally brewed beers to choose from and everyone has their favorites.

They make a great way to cap off any hunting or fishing trip and maybe even during a fishing trip (if you aren’t boating). And be sure t save ‘em for around the campfire following a hunt. Guns, treestands, and beer don’t mix well, but you guys already knew that.

It doesn’t even matter if the trip was a successful one. Throwing back some brews with your hunting and fishing buddies after a trip; there ain’t many things better than that.

Mack’s Food Center has the best beef jerky in the land

Photo via

Mack’s Food Center, located in Lodi, OH in Medina County, is a pit stop that cannot be missed when an Ohio outdoorsman is anywhere near it. Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, Mack’s is in a small, humble building that might not look like much from the outside.

However, it has been a Medina County mainstay since 1947 as a grocery store, deer processing station, and meat locker. At the meat counter in the back of the store, they sell the made-on-site beef jerky in a variety of flavors along with homemade smokies and summer sausages. You can’t go wrong with any of them, and are almost guaranteed to be back for more as soon as possible.

If you are visiting or live in Ohio and love some great jerky, then do yourself a favor and pay Mack’s Food Center a visit.

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8 Things Ohio Sportsmen Know That Others Don’t