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8 Soda Can Survival Projects [VIDEO]

8 ways a soda can can help you survive.

Who knew a soda can could be so versatile? After viewing this survival video, you won’t throw that can out so easily.

You’ll see a soda can made into everything from a lantern to a fire-starting tool.

Take a look at these eight soda can survival projects.

After viewing this video, you now know the survival versatility of a soda can. Not to mention, it’s also a refreshing drink while camping. So definitely bring one along on your next trip.

These little projects will save you time and money. The tips provided will help you improvise in a time of need, which you’ll be grateful for.

I was personally surprised at the strength of the tab of the soda. It was able to hold an impressive amount of weight.

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8 Soda Can Survival Projects [VIDEO]