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8 Most Ridiculously Unethical Fishing Techniques [VIDEO]

The Indo-Pacific Review

We all want an edge when it comes to catching fish. This is too much of an edge.

Most anglers will go fishing with the latest and greatest in bait and tackle, and use cutting-edge techniques to encourage the fish to bite.

There are those, however, who will do anything—anything—to catch fish. They’ll use illegal, unethical, ridiculous, and downright dangerous methods to haul in fish.

Here are eight methods (some more ridiculous and dangerous than others) that some people use.

1. Explosives

2. Firearms

3. Electricity

4. Poison

5. Gill Nets

6. Snagging

7. Noodling

8. Spotlighting


Besides many of these techniques being against the law (be sure to check your state and local regulations before trying anything like this), these methods can harm fish, their ecosystems, and maybe even other human beings.

What’s wrong with a good old fashioned rod, reel and hook?

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8 Most Ridiculously Unethical Fishing Techniques [VIDEO]