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8 Reasons You Should Watch the Bassmaster Classic

For those who watch the Bassmaster Classic, it is the Superbowl of the fishing world, an event that anglers everywhere wait for every year, and a championship that crowns the so-called “world champion of bass fishing” year after year.


However, despite the importance of the Bassmaster Classic, many anglers have never actually sat down to watch the event. We all read up on the event once the winner has been decided, but because the Classic is not as high-profile in the sporting community as some other athletic events, it’s something you actively have to plan for and remember to watch in late February. If you are thinking of watching the Bassmaster Classic for the first time in 2014, though, here are eight good reasons to do just that.

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1. It’s one of the few fishing events that’s relatively easy to follow

As fishermen, we kind of get the short end of the stick. Football players can catch their sport on TV every weekend and every Monday night throughout a major portion of the year. Baseball games are seemingly broadcast every night during the spring, summer, and fall. Basketball lovers get a double dose of their favorite sport when the NBA season and the NCAA March Madness tournament are overlapping. But anglers, we have to dig deep to find fishing on TV, and when we do, it’s more likely to be part of a reality TV show than it is to be a full broadcast of a competitive event. The Bassmaster Classic is refreshing because there are so many ways to follow it. From the live streams offered on to the edited TV broadcast that airs a week or two after the event, there are numerous ways to watch and follow the Bassmaster Classic, and those opportunities are tough to miss if you are a serious fishing fanatic.

2. You get to watch the country’s best at work

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There are a lot of great professional anglers out there who are doing amazing things in our sport. However, thanks to the fact that fishing doesn’t get prime coverage on ESPN or during the Olympics, it’s easy to be kept in the dark about their accomplishments. Watching the Bassmaster Classic gives you a front row seat to watch some of the best anglers in the world at work. Not only will you see the seasoned veterans – like four-time Bassmaster champion Kevin VanDam (pictured) – but you will also get to see scrappy underdogs having the best fishing weekends of their lives and contending for victory. If you ever need inspiration to work harder at fishing, the competitors at the Bassmaster will give it to you.

3. It will provide you with fishing strategies you may not have thought of

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One of the perks of watching the experts and professionals at work is that you get a window into their go-to fishing strategies and methods. As an angler, most of your learning will come from firsthand experience, from making your own mistakes and from finding your own successes. However, you can also learn a lot from watching a seasoned veteran catch fish with unparalleled self-assurance, and the Bassmaster is a perfect stage for that kind of confidence and ability. You might even consider having a pencil and paper handy while you’re watching to take note of the strategies you want to employ for your own fishing endeavors.

4. It will help give you ideas of new gear to use

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Another thing to take down for your own fishing purposes is the gear that the Bassmaster competitors use. The event can be a shining display of some of the newest and most exciting rod and reel combos in fishing, or it can simply remind you that one of the lures that has been sitting in your tackle box collecting dust for months can actually be a secret weapon for success. Either way, keeping track of the gear the anglers use at the Bassmaster Classic is one of the most fun parts of following the competition.

5. It can help break your wintertime blues

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By the time the Bassmaster Classic finally rolls around at the end of February, fishermen around the country are exhausted from being beaten and battered by months of snow, cold weather, and no fishing. The classic, however, is a promise of spring and good fishing opportunities to come, and can give those of us itching to get out to the lake one final push of resolve to get through the winter.

6. It’s easy to engage with on social media

In recent years, the Bassmaster Classic has made a strong and concentrated effort to become more active and accessible on social media. Now, fishing enthusiasts can stay up to date with the competition’s latest news via the event’s official Twitter accounts. By using followers, hashtags, retweets, and other pieces of Twitter wizardry, anglers can engage in the discussion about the Bassmaster in a way that is almost as exciting as actually being there to watch the event.

7. You’ll get the scoop on some prime fishing spots

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The Bassmaster Classic is routinely held on some of the best fishing lakes in the country. Given the timing of the Bassmaster event, most of the locations are scattered throughout the more mild climates of the southern United States. However, even if you’re a northerner and the Bassmaster Classic locations are all a fair trek from you, most of them can be wonderful destinations if you’re planning a fishing-related getaway.

8. Watching will help to convince you to go see the event live

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Watching the Bassmaster Classic from home, whether you’re streaming it live online or watching it after the fact on TV, can be a lot of fun and can give you major insight into the world of professional fishing. However, nothing quite compares to the vibrant and infectious feeling of actually being there, and watching the event on TV might just be the inspiration you need to finally book tickets and see the event live next year. In addition to watching and potentially even interacting with the competitors, Bassmaster Classic visitors get to attend a major “Outdoors Expo.”

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