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8 Reasons to Be Glad You Didn't Get a Buck This Season

Flickr/Emily Carter Mitchell

Yes, it's wonderful to fill those tags, but here are a few reasons to be glad you didn't get a buck this season.

We all have the same goal during hunting season; to fill our tags with a nice wall hanger and/or freezer filler. But don't be too disappointed if you didn't get a buck, there are lots of reasons to be glad about it.

Here are just a few.

1. Processing Fees

If you don't butcher your deer harvest yourself, you're not left with much of an option other than getting it processed. And processing costs a ridiculous amount of money. Since you didn't get a buck this season, figure you just saved yourself a $100 bill.

2. Ditching the Carcass

If you do bring your harvest home to process it, you're always left with the carcass to deal with. The garbage company gets mad if you throw in the trash container and if you're lucky enough to live near woods, you best be sure you've got it far enough away your dog won't find it.

3. Blood Stains

There's nothing worse than getting blood stains on your clothes. It's hard to get out, even when you scrub and scrub. But you don't have to worry about this headache, because you didn't have to gut anything. See, you're luckier than you thought.

4. Mounting Costs

If you did get a wall hanger, you know you'd want to mount it, and therefore you'd be pulling out your wallet again, handing over that hard earned cash. By not getting a buck, you're saving money left and right.

Flickr/Florida Fish and Wildlife
Flickr/Florida Fish and Wildlife

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5. You Still Have Your "Once in a Lifetime"

Once you shoot a trophy deer, you know your chances of getting another one are slim. Since you didn't get him this year, you know your once in a lifetime buck's still out there, just waiting for you.

6. Nothing to Drag

Depending on where you hunt, it can really suck when you have to drag a deer out of the woods. Especially if you happened to be across two creeks and through 200 yards of brushy shrubs. But you didn't have to worry about that back-breaking work this year. Lucking out again!

7. Hunt the Whole Season

Although it's great to get a monster buck, you almost hate to shoot one too early in the season, then your hunting's done for the year. Since you didn't get a buck, you were able to hunt hard all season long, and didn't have to make excuses to get out in the woods.

8. You've Always Got Next Year

Since you didn't get a buck this year, now you get to look forward to next deer season even more!

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8 Reasons to Be Glad You Didn't Get a Buck This Season