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8 Random Items You Have to Add to Your Survival Kit

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These random items aren't normal things you would find in a survival kit.

When building a survival kit everyone generally follows the same basic guidelines. The key to survival is planning ahead and sometimes thinking outside the box.

These eight random but handy items do just that.

1. Cable or zip ties

People generally carry 550 paracord, rope, or some other method of being able to lash a shelter together. Zip ties can accomplish most of the same goals, and some a little better. You don't have to know how to tie any knots and they can be tightened one handed. The best part is you can carry a lot of them without taking up much space. Their only downfall is they are a one-and-done item.

2. Tampon

I know what you are thinking, "There is no way I'm keeping a tampon in my bag." Before you throw the idea away, there are a ton of uses in a survival situation for one. They are sterile, come in waterproof packaging, and are ultra absorbent. They can be used for bandaging a wound, fire tinder, crude water filter, a wick for a candle, and more.


3. Dental floss

First of all, it is great to clean your teeth from the bugs you'll be eating while waiting for help. Dental floss is stronger than you think. It can be used for cordage, fishing line, or for making small game snares.

4. Snack bag of chips

Not only will keeping chips in your bag give you something to eat if you get lost, they can start fires. Yes that is right, Flaming Hot Cheetos will start a flaming hot fire. Just lightly crunch them up into a pile and hit them with a spark or lighter.

5. Pencil Sharpener

A pencil sharpener will turn any pencil sized sticks into as much thin, ready-to-light tinder as you want. You can also put points on sticks for gigs or arrows.


6. Panty Hose

Yep that's right, panty hose. They are actually more useful as a survival item than their traditional purpose. They can be used for filtering water, carrying items, worn to protect you from the elements, net for fishing, and more.

7. Steel wool

Steel wool is not only useful for scrubbing your camp's pans out, but can be used to start a fire. Simply take one of your spare batteries (which you should have for your flashlight anyway) and rub the steel wool on each end of it. Be careful though, as it can light up quickly.

8. Condom

Condoms can be used to collect water, help gather food, or even make a weapon. Yes, you can turn a few condoms into an emergency weapon. First find a "Y" branch. Tie two condoms together and tightly duck tape the ends to the "Y." Presto, you have a slingshot to hunt with.

The best part about all these items is they take up little to no space. They could easily all fit into a small pouch you can label Random.

Take them with you next time you go camping with your friends and see if they can guess what all these items could be used for.


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8 Random Items You Have to Add to Your Survival Kit