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8-Point Velvet Buck Gets Upstaged by a Big Wide 10

Justin Hoffman

This 8-point buck was hogging the limelight – until a big 10-point showed up and proved who’s king of these woods.

I must confess. I’m a whitetail deer addict. Logging hundreds of miles each season, I hit the woods from sun up to sun down – photographing and filming these majestic animals. And go figure, I don’t even hunt. But I get as much of a thrill studying and capturing the unique and fascinating behaviors whitetail deer exhibit.

I headed out to a favorite bean field on the evening of August 22 in hopes of capturing some velvet bucks with the camera. August is an interesting time for whitetail bucks, as they are more than happy to hang out together in bachelor groups, yet will be itching at the chance to mortally wound one another once September wanes.

The sun had already set on this particular night, and with only a small buck spotted through the binoculars in an adjoining field, I was beginning to think the beans were a bust. That was soon to change. As I slowly made my way along the edge of the field and treeline, I spotted an 8-point feeding fifty yards away. After a few quick photographs, I began filming the scene in front of me. Within minutes, and judging from the heightened awareness the deer was suddenly exhibiting, I knew something was about to happen. It did. And as you’ll see, it was pretty cool to capture on tape.

What a thrill to watch this big and wide 10-point emerge from the long grasses. Even more special to see his impressive antlers clad in velvet.

Since this is public land but off-limits to hunting, spending more time with this big boy during the rut will be possible. I can’t wait to watch him scrap.

And fingers crossed I find those sheds once they drop this coming winter. One can only hope.



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8-Point Velvet Buck Gets Upstaged by a Big Wide 10