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Is This 8-Point Buck the Largest Ever Hunted?

Facebook/Central Kansas Whitetails

There is no question; this giant Kansas buck is a brute. 

Philip Kalmbach of Texas was hunting with Central Kansas Whitetails when the buck of a lifetime walked out in front of him. Kalmbach and his guide realized pretty quickly just how massive this eight-point Kansas buck walking their way was. Quickly, Kalmbach released his arrow and the massive buck went down.

Upon recovery, they were actually able to get a good look at the size of the rack. A rough green score measured out to 189 and 7/8ths. If this score holds, the Kalmbach buck will be somewhere in the top five of all eight-point bucks in Boone and Crockett history.


Central Kansas Whitetails couldn’t have said it any better themselves.

“Check out what we knocked down yesterday!” they wrote in a Facebook post.

“Philip got a deer of a lifetime with us. Will probably measure as one of the top five 8 point bucks in the world…with a broken main beam! The rough gross score was 189 7/8! We are so excited for him, and happy we got to put him on it.”

The Kalmbach buck had a 29.5-inch main beam, a 25-inch spread, 11-inch brow tine, and a 16-inch G2. If you know deer, those measurements are insane.

Not only will this buck go down as one of the all-time biggest for an eight-pointer, it will also be on the list of the top 20 bucks of all time for a typical rack.

Awesome job to both the hunter and Central Kansas Whitetails.

All images via Facebook/Central Kansas Whitetails


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Is This 8-Point Buck the Largest Ever Hunted?