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8 Online Hunting Shows to Watch During the Offseason

Image via Facebook/HGOutdoors

Don’t worry if you can’t watch your favorite hunting shows on TV, there are multiple outlets to watch online hunting shows wherever you are.

You need to get that hunting show in before work, but you can’t seem to find anything on TV. Not to worry!

There are plenty of great online hunting shows you can watch whenever the time suits you and here are (in no particular order) some of the best.

1. Heartland Bowhunter


Image via Facebook/HeartlandBowhunter

Heartland Bowhunter was founded on the directing principal of quality. Hosts Michael Hunsucker, Shawn Luchtel, and the rest of the team focus on providing quality shows for their audience. They travel throughout the Midwest hunting everything from whitetail deer to Canadian geese. Right now, season seven is available to download in full through iTunes.

2. Hallowed Ground Outdoors

“We hunt. We film. We put it all on TV and DVD. All to the glory Of God.” Now that’s a motto.

Follow the Hallowed Ground Outdoors team where ever their passions and hunting trips lead them and catch their show on Vimeo.

3. Midwest Whitetail


Image via Facebook/MidwestWhitetail

This online hunting show is great because the show is produced during the actual hunting season. You can watch the hunt right after it takes place. This way, the team can address and teach about timely issues such as weather patterns and current deer behavior as they are happening. You can watch all of their shows from 2008 to aired shows of 2015 here.

4. Bowhunt or Die

Join Tod, Justin, and the rest of ProStaff for “real-life bowhunting action” episodes. You can watch all of their previous five seasons and their now-airing sixth season on their website.

5. MeatEater TV


Image via

MeatEater TV Steven Rinella takes a different approach to hunting than most modern shows. He takes an ancestral tradition approach of sustenance hunting where nothing goes to waste. He analyzes and masters hunting techniques and tracks and chases prey during each episode. Watch and learn his style of hunting on his website.

6. GrowingDeer.TV

This online hunting show is created by Dr. Grant Woods. Each episode reveals action-packed hunts, surefire hunting strategies, food plot and trial camera techniques, and advice for common problems. They also showcase different types of gear to maximize your hunt. Watch episodes on all these topics and more here.

7. Behind the Draw

Behind the Draw is a mini-series brought to you by the team of Heartland Bowhunter. The team takes you on epic bow hunts across the Midwest and can be watched here.

8. Montana Wild

Montana Wild is an outdoor media company that broadcasts show on not only hunting, but fishing as well. Follow Zack and Travis Boughton as they teach you material they have learned from their own experiences and mistakes. Watch their shows through Vimeo.

Don’t panic when you can’t find a good hunting show to watch on TV. Instead, head for the Internet and enjoy these best online hunting shows.

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