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8 No-Brainer Hunting Dog Gear Picks [PICS]

If you’re buying new gear for this season, don’t forget your dog.

From protective clothing to canine treestands and blinds, these items will make sure your dog is as ready for the hunt as you are.

5mm Neoprene Dog Vest with Armor-Flex Chest Protector

dog vest

It can get rough out there, with brambles, loose brush, and other hazards to trip up your dog.

This neoprene vest will protect your dog’s sensitive underbelly as well as its neck and chest. A camouflaged version heightens concealment.

Advanced Dog Flotation Vest

dog floaty

If your dog is going to be retrieving fowl from the water, then some sort of flotation vest will help get the job done. This soft, triple-segmented foam vest is meant to enhance safety for hunting, fishing, and boating, and includes retrieval straps and reflective strips for low-light visibility.

MOmarsh Invisilab Dog Blind

dog blind copy

Concealment is critical for a hunter but what about your dog? This light-weight, durable blind can be set up in a marsh or on dry land thanks to its retractable legs. A mesh bottom allows water to drain if your dog gets wet. This blind is so comfortable, some users report that it became their dog’s indoor bed!

Hard Core Dog Timber Stand

dog tree

This strong yet lightweight treestand is the perfect choice for waterfowlers. It can be installed easily with its six foot ratchet strap, drains water from its mesh bottom, and can hold a dog weighing up to 150 pounds.

Conquest Scents Bird Down Dog-Training Scents

scent stick

If you’re training a hunting dog who is new to the sport, nothing works better than these training scents. Unlike messy liquid versions, they are as easy to apply as a stick of deodorant. They can be used to create practice scent trails to follow, or to put a scent on a training dummy.

SportDOG Brand Hound Hunter SD-3225

dog pack collar

If you have a tracking and trailing pack, then this is the device for you. The Hound Hunter lets you command up to six dogs using tones and vibrations at up to a two mile range. You will never lose control of your pack, even through thick brush.

Rugged Dog Boots

dog boots

Protect your dog’s paws from ice, gravel, hot surfaces, sharp underbrush, and other hazards with these boots. The rubberized soles provide grip on slippery rocks.

Ruffwear Palisades Pack


If you’re planning a long backcountry trip with your dog, this pack is a convenient way to carry all of your pet’s water, food, toys, and other supplies. It is designed to be comfortable and to carry a load evenly.

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8 No-Brainer Hunting Dog Gear Picks [PICS]