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8 Essential Items That You Didn’t Know You Needed for Your Tackle Box [PICS]

Make sure that these items are in your tackle box for the upcoming fishing season.

As an angler, I know that it is easy to spend the majority of your money on rods, reels, lures and, of course, boats.

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However, there are some invaluable and rather inexpensive items that can really improve your day on the water. Get these items for your tackle box sooner than later.

1. Leatherman Tread

The price tag is a bit salty and technically, you would wear this one, not put it in with your gear. However, can you beat carrying 25 tools in one small gadget? This innovation on the popular Leatherman design is a must-have. Also, your wife won’t mind if you are wearing this one all day either; it’s actually pretty fashionable.


2. Sunscreen

Go to the travel section at Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, etc. and check out the sunscreen selection. Things have come a long way. It’s easy to find some spray sunscreen that is about the size of roll of LifeSavers. It won’t take up much room in your tackle box, but it could literally save your neck if the sun is brutal.

3. Flashlight

If you’ve fumbled around the back of your vehicle before dawn looking for your terminal tackle, then you’ll know how important this item can be. Plus, if you’re wading, or if you are heading somewhere before daybreak, or you keep casting until the sun sets, a headlamp can make things a lot easier getting to or from your car.

I advise getting a headlamp with switchable covers. There’s a reason behind this. It is a lot easier to dig around in your vehicle, your tackle box or the ground after you’ve dropped a lure, if you have your hands free. Also, some times you might be fishing in the dark. The more free your hands are the more fun you’re bound to have.

2- cabelas headlamp

4.  Rod Tip Repair Kit

It happens. Whether you closed your tailgate on the rod, snapped it swinging in a four-pounder or banged it off of the jon boat one to many times, rods are not invincible. If you don’t know how to repair a tip, it’s a great skill to have. A Rod Tip Repair Kit can turn a bummer of a day into a great story.


5.  Disposable Raincoat

These are only a few bucks and can really save the day. If you’ve been caught on a float trip that was overcast and 45 degrees and then turned to rain, you’ll know why. Stay smart and dry by keeping one of these handy.

4 - poncho


6.  Small WD40 Can

Did your reel seize up? No problem; just a couple sprays will fix that. When you’re out and about on the lake or river, one never knows what could mechanically go wrong. Having one of these WD-40 cans can change everything.

5 - aerosol


7.  Lighter

When you stop to fill up the tanks and grab coffee, pick up one of these at the register. You may need to build a fire; perhaps the nylon rope for your anchors frays; or, you’ve snapped the end off of your rod and you need to repair the tip. Again, a buck or two will go a long way here.

8.  Bandana

You could go the inexpensive route and get a cheap bandana to cover your head, face, or even just use to wipe your hands clean throughout the day. Or, you could go for a well-designed Columbia Freezer Zero Bandana, with ultra cooling technology.

6 - columbia bandana

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter.  Make sure that you pick up these items before you hit the water.


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8 Essential Items That You Didn’t Know You Needed for Your Tackle Box [PICS]