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8 of the Most Horrific Examples of Poaching [VIDEO]

Poaching is an absolutely horrible waste of natural resources that rob not only the legal sportsman who pays to hunt, but also damages species’ ability to maintain numbers and health. 

Be advised that many of these videos are hard to watch and are not for the weak of fortitude but the story must be shared! These are not hunters, these are killers in the name of money.

1. Maimed Rhino

The true face of rhino poaching, this one was maimed by poachers and ultimately had to be put down by game keepers.


 2. Poachers Shot Dead

This dead rhino was shot and being tracked by two poachers who then shot at game keepers and were shot dead. No one wins in poaching. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.


3. “White Gold”

The story of African white gold, the elephant tusk.


4. Poachers Caught at Night

Oregon police and game wardens catch deer poachers from the air at night.


5. Robo-Deer

Utah deer poachers caught with the help of robo-deer.


6. Poached Deer

Poached deer found by pheasant hunter in Nebraska.


7. Poached Black Bear

Dead poached black bear found by game warden.


8. Moose Cow

Undercover game warden footage of a cow moose kill and butchering while it was still alive, and yes, there was an unborn calf inside.


Nobody wants to see poaching; it is an unpleasant and brutal part of our world. But one of the most important ways to eradicate poachers and stop them from destroying wildlife is to educate people and alert them to the ugliness of these acts.

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8 of the Most Horrific Examples of Poaching [VIDEO]