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8 High Tech Hunting Gadgets Worth the Money

These 8 high tech hunting gadget are worth the money because they perform and will increase your odds of success.


There are lots of hunting gadgets out there, but which ones really help you enough to be worth the money?  Here are some favorites that do what they are intended to do and enhance your hunting experience and success rate.

View the slideshow to see the picks, and leave a comment below if we left something out.


Photo via ozonics

Ozonics Hunting offers a “machine” that changes oxygen molecules into ozone molecules. A silent fan projects the molecules downwind where they bond with scent molecules. The result is molecules that are unrecognizable to game.

These units can be used in a treestand or a ground blind. It is not uncommon for game to approach from downwind since they simply cannot smell the hunter. It is worth the money because you will not get busted by the animal’s nose. See the Ozonics hunting site for more info.


Photo via Firefly

The Firefly wind detector is a handheld device that uses advanced technology to determine wind direction, including the slightest air movement that may be undetectable to human senses. You simply push one button and the unit takes 512 readings per second and shows a report after three seconds via the LED screen.

It will sample and report for five more seconds and turns off automatically after eight seconds. Always know the wind current and avoid the common mistake while still hunting or stalking. It is worth the money because no other item is as sensitive in providing the direction of the slightest air movement. For more info visit

Caldwell Wind Wizard II

Photo via Midway USA

The Wind Wizard II is a handheld device that will provide you with exact wind speeds.  Use these wind speeds to figure out the trajectory of your bullet or arrow. You can use it in conjunction with another high-tech gadget such as a ballistic calculator to increase your accuracy. This is worth its price – what is the value of not missing your target?  See more information at Caldwell Shooting Products

Burris Eliminator

Photo via Burris

The Burris Eliminator takes the guesswork out of ballistics and aiming. Burris’ motto is “Range ’em and ‘Eliminate ’em.” This is a rangefinder and ballistic calculator built into a rifle scope. You pre-program the system with the ballistic information for your rifle and cartridge combination. Then, one press of the button illuminates a red dot within the scope that appears on the crosshairs. Place the dot on the target and squeeze the trigger. It is that simple. The system will even compensate for wind speed if it is known. This works great in conjunction with other high tech gadgets like the Caldwell Wind Wizard II. Visit Burris for more information.

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Leupold Vendetta Bow Rangefinder

Photo via Leupold

Leupold’s Vendetta attaches to your bow. The rangefinder emits a continual beam that shows a digital real-time reading in bright red display. No more fumbling with a handheld rangefinder or using pre-determined landmarks. No more figuring out a range only to have the animal move closer or further away causing a miss. The actual range is displayed as you aim, so at the point of release you know exactly how far that trophy is. See Leupold for more information.


Photo via ThermaCell

This simple device will keep mosquitoes and other flying insects away from you so you can focus on the hunt. An odorless gas cartridge heats a small surface. The surface in turn warms a pad that contains repellent. The repellent is odorless as well and will not spook game. You can even purchase scent pads that emit natural earth cover scents to help you remain undetected while keeping bugs at bay. There are no batteries to worry about. This one is worth its weight in gold if you hunt where mosquitoes may be hunting you. See ThermaCell for the variety of units and accessories.

See how these gadgets can be used for your elk hunt here.

Xplat Reloading and Ballistic App

Photo via Xplat

Xplat software uses an archived data bank to determine the ballistics of your handloaded ammunition based on powder charge, bullet weight, etc. You can also determine the ballistics of factory ammunition. Knowing the velocity, sectional density, ballistic co-efficiency and trajectory of your cartridge will help you determine what the maximum range should be limited to on a specific animal based on size. It can also help you hit the target by knowing the drop and wind drift. It is easily worth the $4 price-tag. See Xplat for more info.

Cass Creek Game Call I Phone App

Photo via Cass Creek

Cass Creek has an app for your iPhone that can be used in conjunction with an external speaker to create a game call system. Over 20 different calls are available. At a starting price of just $2.99 this is one high tech gadget that is worth the money. Visit Cass Creek for additional information.

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