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8 Great Pre-Hunting Breakfasts

Need a pre-hunting breakfast idea? Here are some choices.


Back in our school days, our parents and teachers would consistently repeat the mantra that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. There’s certainly some truth in that statement. A good breakfast can help improve your focus, boost your mood, and make you alert and active.

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These were all attributes that were important in school, whether you were taking a test or sitting in a lecture, and they’re equally important for hunting. With that in mind, here are eight great options for your next pre-hunting breakfast.

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The Deluxe 

In a twist of events that surprises no one, the most popular choice among most hunters is a big breakfast that can keep them going through a long morning and afternoon of hunting. In most circles, that translates into what we like to call “the Deluxe,” a hearty and filling mix of eggs, bacon, ham, and other explosive sources of protein. The Deluxe can be served separately or can be combined into a hugely satisfying omelette or scrambler. Even better, throw in peppers, onions, cheese, potatoes (as home fries or hash browns; whatever you like), and any wrap it all in a tortilla for a great breakfast taco.

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Regardless of how you make it, the Deluxe is a great pre-hunting meal for a variety of reasons. First off, it’s extremely filling and can give you the strength to keep your mind on the deer (and off your stomach) during a hunt. Secondly, it wakes you up and gets you alert and ready for the day to come. And third, it’s unfailingly delicious.

The Carbo Loader 

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Hunters who don’t go for the Deluxe will often go for this second type of breakfast, the one that we like to call “the Carbo Loader.” Protein isn’t the only great source of energy for a long hunting day. On the contrary, carbohydrates can give you ample energy as well. If you consider yourself someone who runs off carbs, you have a number of options here, from pancakes and homemade biscuits to bagels and toast.

The best thing about the Carbo Loader is that it can be adapted based on how much time you have to eat. If you’re up early and want to make yourself an elaborate big breakfast, fry up some pancakes. If you slept through your alarm and are on a tight schedule to get to your treestand, just grab a bagel for a quick but filling meal. Comparatively, the Deluxe almost always takes a bit of a time commitment.

The “You Can Take It With You” 

While there’s a lot to be said for preceding a day of hunting with a big breakfast, there are simply hunters who don’t like stuffing themselves before a day in the treestand – especially if it means nature calling at an inopportune time. For those concerned about such issues – or for hunters who don’t want to waste precious time in the kitchen – a quick granola or energy bar is often the best kind of breakfast. Not only are energy bars portable and easy to eat on the way to the stand, but they also fill you up and give you the sustenance you need to keep going.

It’s not the most satisfying pre-hunting meal in the world, but in a pinch, the “You Can Take It With You” can truly save your bacon (breakfast pun intended). Just keep those wrappers quiet!

The Holy Grail of Health 

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Speaking of quick meals, we know a few hunters who forego greasy breakfasts or stacks of pancakes for just a bowl of fruit. Bananas, apples, oranges, or other types of fruit are great for starting the day off in healthy fashion – just remember to take a snack into the field with you, because you will probably get hungry a few hours down the road. Some hunters also like to have morning health smoothies, loaded with different fruits and nutrients, as their morning pick-me-up, a “meal” we like to call the “Holy Grail of Health.”

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The Instant Warm-Up 

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On particularly cold mornings, not much is better than a bowl of hot, steaming oatmeal for helping you build up the courage to head outside. Add whatever you want into your oatmeal, be it pieces of fruit or lumps of brown sugar. Just make sure it’s hot enough to warm you up.

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The Morning Wake Up Call 

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Who needs a big breakfast when you can get your morning energy from a cup of coffee (or three)? For a variety of reasons, some hunters opt to skip breakfast altogether, preferring to cash in on their “big breakfast” option with some buddies after the hunt is over. While we don’t personally recommend this – after all, an empty stomach in the treestand can be a huge distraction – it can be nice to have a plate of eggs and bacon awaiting your return at the end of a cold hunting morning. If that’s the destination you want to work toward, the caffeine buzz provided by coffee can give you the energy you need to get through the hunt. Just consider combining this “meal” with something else on the list.

The Sweet Tooth 

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When you were young, your parents probably told you never to eat sweets for breakfast, but it’s just so damn satisfying, especially before a hunt. From cinnamon rolls to coffee cake or from muffins to donuts, a morning indulgence for your sweet tooth can be a great way to start a hunt.

You might just want to make sure that you keep it a “special occasion” kind of deal.

The “Got No Time to Spare” 

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If you’re the kind of person who likes to maximize your time on both ends of breakfast – both for sleeping and for hunting – then a bowl of cereal may be just the ticket for you. While cold cereals generally sound a lot more appealing on warmer mornings than on the frigid winter ones, there are certainly benefits to this breakfast, namely that it’s fast and filling and that is can sustain you for a full morning hunt. Some cereals are more filling than others.

Us? We like a heaping bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats.

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