8 Great Military Surplus Ammo Cans and Storage Containers

Head to the military surplus section of Sportsman's Guide for these great finds.

If you're like us, you realize the advantage of military surplus items, especially when it comes to storing ammo and other equipment.

Sportsman's Guide is home to a ton of ammo cans, and other military surplus storage containers. They've sold these items, both new and used, to satisfied folks for years, and the benefits of these tech-filled pieces are obvious.

Get a taste of what they've got, and you'll see it too.

Waterproof .50 Caliber Ammo Can

Pelican 1750 Rifle Case

Steel Jerry Can

58-Gallon Shipping Drum

Tactical Magazine Can, .223 Remington/5.56 NATO

Military Surplus Storage Box

Thermodyne ShockStop Shipping Container

Soft Transit Case

All these and more can be found at Sportsman's Guide, your military surplus go-to destination.


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