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8 Go-To Gifts for the Well-Rounded Outdoorsman


Buying gifts for outdoorsmen can be difficult, especially when they enjoy multiple passions in the outdoors. 

The holidays are finally upon us. With that comes the daunting task of finding the perfect gifts for friends and family. This is especially true when it comes to finding something for the outdoorsmen in your life.

It becomes even more complicated if the sportsmen you are shopping for is involved in multiple areas of the outdoors. Don’t fret we have you covered.

Check out these eight fantastic and functional gifts that they’ll be sure to enjoy.

1. QALO Rings


QALO is a company that makes medical-grade silicone wedding rings. These awesome rings are flexible, comfortable, and come in a variety of styles.

They offer great benefits in safety, as they will stretch and break instead of becoming hung up and causing serious injury to fingers. This is a real threat to hunters who may slip climbing into tree stands, rock climbers, or anyone who does a lot of hands-on work.

Being bacteria-resistant means now worries when cleaning game. Any blood, oil, grease, and everything else easily washes off the ring.

At around $25 dollars and available in many colors, these rings are the perfect gift for that significant other with a really active lifestyle.

2. Anglr Tracker


Any angler is going to jump for joy after pulling an Anglr Tracker from their stocking.

This amazing device clips easily to any fishing pole for tracking fishing trips via an app. It will automatically record catches, casts thrown, weather/water data, and more.

All this data can then be viewed in the Anglr Xperience on a computer. This incredible web app breaks down all the data the Tracker has ever collected. Essentially it allows fisherman to see when, where, and how they have the best chances to catch the most fish.

The Tracker is $129.99 with one free year of Xperience. It will be available in stores across the country the beginning of December.

3. Whiskey Knives Series by Creek Stewart


All outdoorsmen have a love of knives. A good quality knife is something they will treasure forever and maybe even pass down to the next generation.

You won’t find better quality or function than with a handmade knife from Creek Stewart’s Whiskey Knives collection. With 7 different styles to choose from you will find one to fit any outdoorsmen’s needs.

Each blade is forged from recycled lawn mower blades and the handles all made from Kentucky whiskey barrels. All knives come with a basic leather and kydex sheath, but has the option to upgrade to something more extravagant.

The knives range from $85.00 to $140.00 and come delivered in a nice wooden box for easy wrapping.

4. Scent Crusher Duffle Bag


Every deer hunter knows his odds increase the more scent free they are. Sometimes washing clothes in scent free detergents and coating yourself with sprays just isn’t enough.

Get them the ultimate scent elimination tool with the Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag. This unique bag pumps scent killing ozone inside allowing you to head into the field with scent free gear.

Simply drop your clothes and gear into the bag, plug it in, set the generator, and in 30 mins or less everything is scent free ready to hunt. It’s that easy.

Each bag is $199.99 which includes a digital ozone generator with 12v and 110v charger.

This is sure to be on every hunters wish list this year, so don’t disappoint them grab one today.

5. Compact Sport Electronic Earmuffs


Every shooter should wear some form of hearing protection while at the range. The Compact Sport Electronic Earmuffs are the perfect way to protect their hearing in comfort and style.

The Compact Sports are low profile, lightweight design will allow for hours of comfortable range use. The special microphones on each side allow shooters to hear everything going on around them while still blocking out harmful noises of gun shots.

If the shooter you purchase them for enjoys music there is even a cable jack built into them to allow them to hook their phones or MP3 devices to them. When done at the range they fold up for easy compact storage saving space in their range bag.

With a price tag of $69.99 you can’t go wrong with these as a fantastic gift.

6. “U-Finish” Bamboo Horse Bow


There is nothing quite like taking a down game with a bow. The only feeling to top that is taking game down with something truly primitive.

While it normally takes years of practice to make a good primitive bow, Mead LongBows has made it simple with one of their U-Finish bows.

These bamboo bows come already tillered and assembled. You just need to finish it up with some sanding work, varnish, and decorations of your own choosing.

With a 28 inch draw length and a 50# draw weight(other weights available) theses bows are incredibly powerful and capable of hunting large game.

Bow kits start at $159 or have one fully finished for $300.

Order one for that bow hunter in your life and give them a true challenge for next hunting season.

7. Slide Belts Survival Belt


Every outdoorsman should carry a basic survival kit of some kind. You just never know when the odds turn against you and your stuck in the woods for a night.

Instead of having to take up extra space in your bag with a kit, wear it around your waist with SlideBelts Survival Belt.

The unique belt buckle houses a knife, bottle opener, flashlight, and ferro rod. The belt itself is made of a high tensile strength TPU alloy that is also twist resistant.

This is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast that they will want to dawn every time they leave the house. Pick one up from SlideBelts for $180.00

8. Catchin’ Deers Apparel


Every hunter has been asked the question, “Catch anything?” after returning from a trip. It is hilariously annoying… and makes for great hats and shirts.

The Catchin’ Deers apparel line is perfect for any hunter or great gifts for your hunting buddies to wear at camp.

Not only are they hilarious, but part of the proceeds from each sale are donated to the National Deer Alliance. The NDA helps in deer conservation efforts as well as the protection of hunter’s rights.

Just be ready with a camera to snap that smile as they unwrap it and throw it on.

Any (or all) of these items will leave any outdoorsman satisfied and ready to hit the field. The best part is these gifts are perfect for both men and women who enjoy the outdoors. So keep this guide handy and you can’t go wrong.


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