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8 Gifts Under $20 for the Gun Lover in Your Life

gifts for gun lovers

At less than $20, these eight gifts are sure to hit the target with the gun owners in your life.

Buying gifts for someone can be a chore. Even if you actually like the person you're shopping for, it can be hard to know what they might like. Well, we took the guesswork out of your Christmas and birthday shopping this year by finding eight gifts that are perfect for gun owners. And at less than $20 each, they're perfect for the pocketbook owner as well.

Gifts under $20Handgun Magazine Can

This simple case can make quick storage for all of those handgun magazines laying around. It's perfect for gun room or closet organization. It also makes quick work of organizing your next trip to the gun range. The MTM Tactical Handgun Magazine Can is available from Cabelas for only $17. More info can be found here.


Exploding Targets

This gift needs very little explanation. Why, you ask? Because who doesn't like explosions? These Sonic Boom exploding targets are available here with prices ranging from $4.99-99.99.


Night Vision Magazine Wraps

These US Night Vision Corps Magazine Wraps are sick. Not only do they look awesome, but they function as well. Designed to fit any 30-round AR15 magazine, these clips are chemical and abrasion resistant as well as waterproof. Step up your game and stand out from the crowd with these sweet designs.

Gifts under $20

Medic Mat Gun Cleaning Mat

Every gun owner needs a nice gun cleaning mat. This new mat from TandemKross is a notch above the others. Available at a price of $19.99, this great-looking mat has a non-slip surface. The best part? The TK pad in the corner is a magnet to hold all of your little metal parts. You're welcome.


Revolver Speed Loader

If your gun lover is a revolver fan, they will thank you to the moon and back for this little gem. The HKS Revolver Speed Loader quickly reloads all chambers. With the twist of a knob, all rounds quickly release into their appropriate place. At a price of only $9.99, you could stuff their entire stocking full!


Pistol Racks

The Hyskore pistol racks make for easy storage in a safe or on top of your work table. Available in both stackable and modular options, these will add order to any gun space. Available from Brownell's from $13.99-16.99.


Clay Pigeon Holder

These simple clay pigeon holders from Pigeon Hold are an awesome and economical way to target shoot. These weather resistant targets offer reusable slots to hold clay pigeons that are sure to outlast your next session at the range. Available here for around $10.


Panteao Subscription

Even with a list like this, some can be too difficult to shop for. That's where Panteao comes in. An online training library, Panteao offers something for everyone. Monthly subscriptions to the online database of videos and tutorials start at just $13.75 per month. Some options even include a free NRA membership. Now, that's a gift.

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8 Gifts Under $20 for the Gun Lover in Your Life