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8 Giant Morel Mushrooms That Will Get You Pumped for Foraging

Check out these 8 massive morel mushrooms and get ready to brush off your hiking boots. 

Morel mushrooms are a springtime treat that receives a lot of attention for their delicious taste. Usually they only grow to sizes around 2 to 4 inches in height, but these eight mushrooms pack a little punch and fill the bag faster.

Take a look at these giant morel mushrooms.

1.One humongous mushroom

Huge Morel Mushrrom 8
Shalom in the Wilderness

2. Jumbo morel mushroom find

Jumbo morel mushroom 2
Xoom Clips

3. Footlong morel mushroom

foot long morel mushroom
Banner Graphic

4. Morel contest winner

giant Morel mushroom
Morel Mushroom Hunting

5. Bud Light cans for scale

Ben Starr

6. Was this morel mushroom found on April Fools Day?

ftd morel mushroom

7. Illinois motherload

Illinois Mother Load
Heartland Outdoors

8. Coca Cola 2-Liter for scale

morel mushroom 1
Morel Mania

These huge morel mushrooms would be much easier to find than the average morel. However, finding a handful of jumbo morel mushrooms will fill the frying pan much faster.

A warm front and about a month later, mushroom hunters will be finding small mushrooms across the Midwest. Until then, we’ll be shed hunting.



The Real Way to Grow Morel Mushrooms [VIDEO]

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8 Giant Morel Mushrooms That Will Get You Pumped for Foraging