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8 Foot Bronze Whaler Shark Caught on Australia Beach

Most of us avoid meeting up with a shark of any kind, but Jack Jacobs? He’s in it to win it!

Jack Jacobs, a young fishing fanatic who loves “the thrill of catching big sharks,” pulled in his sixth shark of the year, an eight-foot bronze whaler shark, while surf fishing off Lipson Cove in South Australia.

The 20-year-old fisherman from Tumby Bay made a name for himself in the Australian fishing community in January when he landed a 10-foot bronze whaler shark and posted the footage.

His latest catch took 25 minutes, and he highlights the battle in this four-minute video:

The bronze whaler shark, also named copper shark and narrowtooth shark, is distinguished by its slender, streamlined body with a slightly arched profile and long, pointed snout.

Jacobs told the Daily Mail Australia that occasionally the bronze whaler shark will swing its head around and bite, but he’s never been attacked in that fashion.

He uses a whole Australian salmon for bait and “just hopes for a bit of luck.” He apparently has had no shortage of luck as he targets the big sharks from the surf.

“I just love the thrill of catching big sharks,” Jacobs said. “They put up such a good fight.”


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8 Foot Bronze Whaler Shark Caught on Australia Beach