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8 Fishing Spots Within 20 Miles of Cleveland

These are some of the best fishing spots within 20 miles of Cleveland, Ohio.


You don’t always have to drive far from a city to find good fishing spots. In fact, they may be a quick jaunt away and you didn’t even realize it.

If you look hard enough, there are plenty of great fishing spots located close to cities like Cleveland.

What is your favorite fishing spot close to Cleveland? Let us know in the comments below!

View the slideshow to see the productive fishing areas located within 20 miles of Cleveland, Ohio.

Chagrin River

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The Chagrin River lies east of Cleveland and offers anglers multiple opportunities to catch several different fish species. While steelhead trout is the most common species that anglers target in the Chagrin River, there are other species to be caught including catfish, carp, and smallmouth bass.

Although it runs so close to the city, this river offers a scenic and relaxing fishing spot for anglers.

Cuyahoga River

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Despite the fact that it once caught on fire, the Cuyahoga River has recovered nicely and is once again a viable fishing spot for Cleveland anglers. Once again, steelhead trout are one of the most popular species to wet a line for in this river.

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However, there are also some great fishing holes for channel cats and carp. If you are lucky, you may even hook into a northern pike.

Rocky River

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Running through the Cleveland MetroParks Emerald Necklace, the Rocky River is a favorite fishing spot for Ohio anglers who live near Cleveland. The natural beauty of the area only serves to enhance any fishing outing; even when no fish are caught.

For a great fishing trip on a hot summer day, go wading in the river while casting for smallmouth bass.

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Euclid Creek

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The mouth of Euclid Creek, where it enters Lake Erie, is a great steelhead fishing spot. The best access is in Wildwood State Park in Euclid, Ohio.

It is possible to catch other species in Euclid Creek as it flows south as well. There are some nice spots for wading and casting for smallmouth bass in this creek.

Hinckley Lake

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Located in the Cleveland MetroParks System, Hinckley Lake is a great lake for catching channel catfish and largemouth bass. Several “Fish Ohio” largemouth bass are caught from this lake every year.

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The easiest way to access the best fishing spots is via a small boat or other watercraft. There are boat rentals available at the lake. Rainbow trout are stocked in Hinckley Lake in April.

Ranger Lake

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This 1.5 acre impoundment is located in the Mill Stream Run Reservation. The lake has been stocked with largemouth bass, bluegill, pumpkinseed sunfish, crappie, channel catfish, and rainbow trout. The lake receives a fresh stocking of trout every spring.

The best place to fish in this lake is in the flooded timber on the west side of the lake. This is also a good place for ice fishing in the winter.

Beyer’s Pond

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Beyer’s Pond is located in the Big Creek Reservation near Strongsville, Ohio. It allows shore fishing only, but is a good spot to try for some largemouth bass and panfish. Channel catfish and crappie are also present in this three acre lake.

There is a hard pack trail leading to the water for easy access.

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Wallace Lake

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This is one of the best fishing spots close to Cleveland. The 16 acre lake contains great bass habitat and also holds carp, channel catfish, crappie, bullhead, and rainbow trout. There are annual stockings of channel catfish and rainbow trout.

This lake is best explored with a boat. There are a lot of different habitat types to fish. Wallace Lake is also known to hold one illegally released flathead catfish upwards of 30 pounds. Will you be the one who catches that monster?

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